Triggered Libs Attack 6'2", 230-Pound Ex-Linebacker in MAGA Hat ... How He Responds Speaks Volumes


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to be left alone and those who just won’t leave you alone.

Daniel Weldon, a former linebacker for the Florida Gators, found that out the hard way after he was ambushed by a group of Trump-hating wack jobs.

Weldon wrote in a Facebook post that he “was assaulted for wearing a Maga hat and pin” last week while enjoying the Fourth of July with a friend.

While he was out for a bite to eat, a gang of students circled him, taking offense at his pro-Trump attire. They verbally attacked him before resorting to violence.

“I’m at Pita Pit and I get surrounded by like 7 guys and girls,” Weldon wrote. “They start yelling at me bc of what im wearing (Hat and pin). They were calling me names and saying how awful of a person I was (I’m saying back this is why we’re winning in 2020). The 4 or 5 girls start pushing me and punching.”

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“The dudes they were with actually ended up de-escalating the situation after the girls got violent and pulled them outside,” Weldon continued.

Do you think Weldon's attackers should be arrested?

Talk about a prime example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

After the dust settled, the former linebacker spoke with a nearby police officer. Weldon said he was “disgusted” when the cop told him that the politically-motivated scuffle wasn’t the first time a conservative had been attacked on the University of Florida campus.

But like a true patriot, he showed class and resolve in how he handled the situation, calmly resisting the attack without punching back.

In a Sunday interview with The College Fix, Weldon said the entire ordeal was “extremely disappointing.”

“It just goes to show there is a lot of people on the Left that don’t care or know anything about you, but they see one aspect of who you are and instantly have this blind hatred for you,” Weldon said.

Weldon’s right. Those on the left preach “tolerance” but rarely practice it.

It doesn’t help that the establishment media has been attacking President Trump for years. Coupled with the progressive brainwashing at American colleges, it’s not surprising that liberal students melt down when encountering those with different beliefs.

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The manufactured anti-Trump rage on the left will continue to spark violent attacks on conservatives, as Antifa has proven time and again.

Journalists can’t even cover anti-Trump events without fear of being assaulted, as Andy Ngo recently experienced at an Antifa protest in Portland.

There’s no telling what will happen if Trump wins another four years in the White House.

There’s no reason for people like Weldon to endure verbal and physical assaults simply for supporting the United States president. Were people beaten half to death for wearing Obama shirts during his administration?

The concept of healthy, polite disagreement is slowly slipping away. And as incidents like Weldon’s assault show, the state of civil discourse may never improve.

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