Terrence Williams: Trump Owes Dogs Apology for Comparing Them to Omarosa


It isn’t unusual for someone to take offense at something President Donald Trump says in a tweet. But this time, the call for the president to apologize is for a different — and what some would call humorous — reason.

Trump is well-known for speaking off the cuff and hurling insults at those who lob their own insults at him and his administration.

During the presidential campaign, his fellow Republican presidential candidates quickly became targets for this re-dubbing. Sen. Ted Cruz became “Lyin’ Ted” and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush became “Low Energy Jeb” — despite the exclamation point used by his name in campaigning. (The Hill called that punctuation one of the “Ten Moments that Doomed Jeb Bush’s Presidential Campaign.”)

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is now almost as well-known by the moniker of “Rocket Man” across America as he is by his actual name. This is thanks to Trump’s now infamous insult of the leader used on Twitter and days later, during Trump’s first address to the United Nations.

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Now, a new target is in Trump’s sights and it is someone he presumably held in high enough regard to place in a job in the White House. It is former reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman.

After being fired from her White House posting, Manigault Newman went on to bash the man who gave her so much via “Apprentice” franchise appearances and the job in his administration.

Manigault Newman also wrote a book, “Unhinged” reportedly spilling the dirt on Trump and his White House. As could be expected, Trump took to Twitter to hit back at the nasty and highly refuted claims:

While many took issue with the president referring to her as a “dog,” the reason one man did was very different from most. Comedian and commentator Terrence K. Williams chimed in on Twitter with his own take on it:

Was it racist for President Trump to call Omarosa "that dog?"

The tweet has received thousands of responses. Some shared photos of their dogs or those belonging to others, “looking offended.”

For many, based on the reaction, it was good-humored fun. Many seemed to share the belief that Manigault Newman had behaved badly and the insult from Trump was based on that, nothing else.

Williams is not the only black American to hit back at Manigault Newman’s behavior, either. CNN political analyst April Ryan has also attacked via Twitter, with a now-viral tweet:

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However, when Trump referred to Manigault Newman as “that dog,” Ryan — no Trump fan — apparently had a change of heart. She again took to Twitter, this time to defend her erstwhile foe from the president’s insult, implying racism:

We certainly don’t condone calling human beings “dogs,” but it is part of the human experience for many to name-call and be called names. Anyone in the public eye, particularly one who is herself hurling insults, should be able to “take it.”

While not pretty, some believe Trump’s insults are more “good-humored” than hurtful in intent. Regardless, they only actually have the power given to them and deeming them racist when they clearly are not is a bigger problem than the insults themselves.

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