Trump Gives Audience Rare, Up-Close Look at His Hair


During a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday, President Donald Trump pulled something off that no liberal would believe he’d dare attempt:

He poked fun at himself.

By all accounts, Trump was in rare form on Friday, going off-script and calling his own prepared speech “boring” according to Fox News.

Catching himself on an enormous video monitor, Trump was satirically enamored with himself.

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“What a nice picture that is, look at that, I’d love to watch that guy speak,” he said, feigning some major hair primping.

The poor guy was just trying to hide his bald spot, according to the man himself.

“Ohhhhh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks, I work hard at it,” he told the crowd.

“Doesn’t look bad,” he announced. “Hey, we’re hanging in, we’re hanging in, we’re hanging in there, right? Together we are hanging in!”

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Of course, Trump didn’t only talk about his hair.

Trump discussed issues from the Second Amendment to immigration to economics and urged conservatives to get out and vote in the upcoming elections.

It’s funny — President Trump is constantly attacked for wearing a toupée, let’s be honest — his hair would be significantly less wispy if he were sporting artificial headgear.

It was like a really well-done theatrical performance. Trump fed energy to the audience, and the audience shot energy right back at him.

Former President Barack Obama may have been charismatic, but he would never do what Trump did last Friday.

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The mainstream media constantly harps on how Trump can’t take a joke — but I would say this definitely runs counter to that point.

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