Trump's Future Depends on Border Security


President Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 states in 2016. How did he do it? He showed those voters that he was a fighter and he made them a series of promises. Two of those promises were: I’ll build the wall and I’ll drain the swamp.

Obviously, the swamp is still there, but what’s worse is that up until now there has been little evidence that the president was willing to really fight hard to drain it.

He could have drained part of it by firing Rosenstein and Mueller well over a year ago. It was obvious what they were up to by that time. Granted, firing them would have caused a firestorm, but that’s what happens when you fight the D.C. establishment.

But the president didn’t do that, and now Mueller is much stronger. Helped by the mainstream media and voter ignorance, he has convinced millions of Americans that the president regularly affiliates with “criminals.”

Nor did the president fight as hard as he could have for the wall. He could have done that by refusing to sign any continuing resolutions during the past two years unless he got the funding he wanted, but he didn’t. Instead, he signed several CRs and he kicked the can down the road.

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And he didn’t fight for the wall by ordering the military to build it. I’m not saying that issuing such an order would have gotten it built, but at least it shows you are fighting for it.

The president would not have won that fight, at least not in the short term, because some leftist would have filed a lawsuit and a judge, probably sitting in the Ninth Circuit, would have held that based on the “Equal Protection Clause,” or the “Transgender Construction Set-Aside Rule” or some other imaginary legal doctrine, the president did not have the power to order the military to build the wall.

Forget about the fact that it’s the president’s job, as commander in chief, to protect our national security. No, that’s not important. What’s important is Transgender Set-Asides. That’s what makes us a country.

Although the president did not fire Rosenstein and Mueller — and he didn’t fight hard enough for the wall, there is hope that he has now changed course. He may now have crossed the Rubicon and signaled that the gloves are off. He may now be ready to FIGHT, and not a moment too soon. If he waited much longer, he might have lost his base.

Thank heaven he didn’t wait. Instead, he worked with Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and he rallied the House and won the vote there for five billion dollars for border security. In doing so he accomplished two things. First, he engaged and fought the swamp, and second, he fought for the wall.

It makes no difference that, the five billion dollar provision did not pass in the Senate. Fighting does not always mean that you win. But by fighting instead of folding the president put the Democrats on the defensive. A lot of their voters want border security.

And fighting gives you the chance to win victories later on. You don’t get that opportunity if you don’t fight.

And here’s another thing fighting accomplished: It took the news cycle away from Swamp Master Robert Mueller. The damage that man has done to the president is immeasurable and multi-faceted, but at least nobody was talking about Mueller’s latest legal “victory” while they were talking about the wall.

So my advice to the president is this: Hold fast. Don’t give an inch. In 2020, the Democrats will have to defend Senate seats in Alabama, New Mexico, Virginia and a few other places where voters want border security. Let Chuck Schumer throw these races away by resisting border security week after week.

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You hold all the cards. Don’t give the Democrats a way out. Stick to your guns and control the narrative: Border security, border security, border security. Those are the magic words. They will give our side a much-needed victory.

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Mike Weinberger is a retired attorney and businessman who served as president of the Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society in New York City in the 1980s. He now lives in Louisiana, where he founded the Home Defense Foundation ( and co-founded the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary (