Trump: I Am Not a Feminist


President Donald Trump recently revealed in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan that he does not consider himself to be a feminist, though he emphasized that he does have “tremendous respect” for women.

In the interview, which is set to air Sunday night on the British channel ITV, Morgan asked the president if he identifies himself as a feminist. Trump responded that such a classification might be going “too far.”

“No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far. I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone,” Trump reportedly stated, according to an excerpt of the interview released by Morgan on his Twitter account and in a column for The U.K. Daily Mail.

Trump indicated that both men and women should take matters into their own hands in order to “win.”

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“I think people have to go out, they have to go out and really do it, and they have to win,” he said. “And women are doing great, and I’m happy about that.”

The president has been the subject of harsh criticism from those who believe him to be a sexist. Much of this criticism stems from the October 2016 release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, which revealed that in 2005, Trump made vulgar comments about women.

As noted by Morgan, millions of women across the country mobilized earlier this month as part of the Women’s March. A major theme of that nationwide protest seemed to be hatred for Trump.

But despite that sentiment, Trump wanted those women to know that he still “for them.”

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“Well, I am for them,” he told the “Good Morning Britain” host, “and I think a lot of them understand that.”

Trump went on to point out that he won the 2016 presidential election against a female candidate — former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — and that many women voted for him.

“I won many categories of women and the women vote in the election, and people were shocked to see it. I was running against a woman and I’m winning all of these categories,” Trump said, adding that he thinks he “would do even better right now.”

As evidence to back up this claim, he cited the “best unemployment numbers” among women in the last 17 years.

“And they’re doing tremendously in business, they’re doing tremendously in so many ways. And people are starting to see that,” he said.

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Trump expressed similar sentiments in a Jan. 20, tweet, encouraging Women’s March participants to “celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months.”

Later in the interview, Morgan asked Trump if he has “evolved” as a man, to the point where there are things he said in the past that he would not say now.

“Well, I think we have to evolve,” Trump replied. “If we don’t evolve, there’s something missing.”

“But I have tremendous respect for women. You see all of the women I have working around me and working with me. Tremendous respect for women.”

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