Trump Stuns Internet With Bombshell Revelation on How He Really Feels About Being President


It’s no secret that during his first 13 months in office, Donald Trump’s presidency has not come without controversy.

Trump has had a somewhat contentious relationship with the news media and congressional Democrats due to a combination of his policy decisions and unique style of governing.

But in a Sunday tweet, Trump revealed that despite all the controversy, he has really enjoyed being president. Trump said he’s confident that he’s getting a lot done, and he loves being able to serve the American people.

And though Trump had a successful career as a real estate magnate prior to entering politics, he stated that he’s “never had a better time doing something” than in his current job.

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“The Gridiron Dinner last night was great fun. I am accomplishing a lot in Washington and have never had a better time doing something,” the president tweeted, “and especially since this is for the American People!”

Trump’s tweet made reference to his Saturday appearance at the Gridiron dinner, an annual reception attended by journalists that recognizes freedom of the press, particularly in Washington, D.C., according to The Daily Beast.

The president’s speech was full of jokes that poked fun at himself, his political adversaries, and of course, the “fake news” media.

“CNN lost a tremendous amount of credibility this year,” Trump stated, referring to the news network he frequently spars with, as reported by Variety.”They also lost one of their true stars, the guy who got you the most scoops, inside info, and really the very best reporter. There was nobody like him. Steve Bannon.”

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That wasn’t the only shot he took at Bannon, a former senior adviser who has been accused of leaking information to the press during his White House tenure.

“That guy leaked more than the Titanic,” Trump said.

Perhaps the most controversial line from his speech addressed the controversy that has erupted due to speculation from many mainstream media outlets that first lady Melania Trump is angry at her husband.

“I like turnover. I like chaos. It really is good.  Now the question everybody keeps asking is, ‘Who is going to be the next to leave? Steve Miller or Melania?” Trump said, referring to one of his senior advisers, Stephen Miller.

“That’s terrible. That is terrible,” the president stated, before turning to Melania and saying, “You love me?”

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“I won’t tell you what she said,” Trump told the crowd in attendance. “She said, ‘Behave,'” he eventually told the journalists.

Despite Trump’s tenuous relationship with the news media, he did emphasize that he does respect their profession.

“A lot of you cover things very squarely, and there are few professions that I respect more,” he said. “I want to thank the press for all that you do to support and sustain our democracy. I mean that.”

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Joe Setyon was deputy managing editor for The Western Journal with several years of copy editing and reporting experience. He graduated with a degree in communication studies from Grove City College, where he served as managing editor of the student-run newspaper. Joe previously worked as an assistant editor/reporter for Reason magazine, a libertarian publication in Washington, D.C., where he covered politics and wrote about government waste and abuse.
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