Trump Vows To Take Democrats' Potential Impeachment Attempt to Supreme Court


President Donald Trump took a hard line against congressional Democrats Wednesday morning, deriding their attempts to further investigate claims of potential Trump administration obstruction of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

With a number of House probes being opened into possible misdeeds detailed in the redacted special counsel report, the president indicated that he intends to bring administration officials and all other impeachment-related efforts directly to the United States Supreme Court.

“The Mueller Report, despite being written by Angry Democrats and Trump Haters, and with unlimited money behind it ($35,000,000), didn’t lay a glove on me,” Trump tweeted. “I DID NOTHING WRONG.”

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“Not only … are there no High Crimes and Misdemeanors,’ there are no Crimes by me at all,” Trump said. “We waited for Mueller and WON, so now the Dems look to Congress as last hope!”

Do you think Trump will be successful if he takes this issue to the Supreme Court?

Trump said that the only crimes committed in the 2016 presidential campaign would have been committed by his opponent “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

The president also criticized the Democrat-controlled House for spending so much time, effort and money proceeding with the Russia investigation — which he referred to as a “Witch Hunt” — that they had left themselves “no time to legislate.”

The president’s Wednesday criticisms were not confined to Twitter.

According to The Washington Times, Trump made similar comments to reporters that morning when questioned about the House Judiciary Committee’s move to subpoena former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

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This subpoena likely comes as a result of details from the special counsel report, which indicate that Trump ordered McGahn to have then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions remove Mueller as the special counsel.

“I say it’s enough. We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump said.

Several outlets also reported that Kellyanne Conway told reporters Wednesday that the White House is looking into potentially invoking executive privilege in response to these new congressional probes.

“Executive privilege is on the table,” Conway said. “That’s his right. … But we should note that there’s been a great deal of executive cooperation and compliance.”

This would represent a substantial change in the White House’s policy toward the investigation, particularly with the administration choosing not to invoke those privileges in order to further redact the special counsel report prior to its release.

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