Trump Wins Senior Club Championship - Did He Take a Jab at Biden Afterwards?


It doesn’t take a lot of digging to find critics who question President Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness, especially with the backdrop of Biden’s numerous gaffes, including extreme difficulty walking up stairs and riding bikes.

Former President Donald Trump, fresh off a Senior Club Championship win at his Palm Beach County-based Trump International Golf Club over the weekend, reminded his followers in a Truth Social post that, unlike his successor, he’s got the stamina and physical health to not only win championships but also to run the United States.

The 2024 Republican hopeful didn’t name Biden in his announcement, but it could easily be interpreted that way.

“A great honor to have won the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club, one of the best courses in the Country, in Palm Beach County, Florida. Competed against many fine golfers, and was hitting the ball long and straight,” Trump wrote.

“The reason that I announce this on fabulous TRUTH is that, in a very real way, it serves as a physical exam, only MUCH tougher. You need strength and stamina to WIN, & I have strength & stamina — most others don’t. You also need strength & stamina to GOVERN!” he added.

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At issue are the results of Biden’s last physical examination, which he promised would be released by the end of 2022. It’s nearing the end of January, and nothing has been reported.

The results of his 2021 physical examination, CNBC reported, were announced in mid-November of that year. At the time, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s physician, provided the president with a clean bill of health and noted that he remained “fit for duty.”

However, as the country has witnessed throughout his presidency, Biden has had more than his fair share of painfully embarrassing physical gaffes that became comedic content for many.

Do you think Trump is more mentally fit for office than Biden?

The first reminder of Biden’s questionable physical fitness was his dramatic, unfortunate series of falls while climbing the stairs to Air Force One in March 2021. The president was boarding the jet at Joint Base Andrews for a trip to Georgia, which turned out really bad.

While attempting to ascend the stairs, the three falls came at the same time many began to question the elderly president’s cognitive health. To say it wasn’t a good look would be an understatement.

Then there was the time when someone at the White House thought it would be a great idea to stick the nearly 80-year-old, clearly unstable man on a bicycle for a photo op to prove somehow that he was still as sharp as he was in years past. Not only did he eat the pavement, but it also happened after he had stopped to talk with a small crowd that had gathered on the bicycle pathway.

The June 2022 incident turned into another blunder that sparked days of brutal mockery.

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While many on the left have heavily criticized Trump for his time spent on the golf course and even for his physique, any honest person, just by observing, would have to admit that Trump is considerably more physically capable of outperforming Biden at virtually anything requiring stamina and physical prowess. No contest.

There’s probably a pretty good reason why we don’t see Biden playing much golf.

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