Trump's Hunt for Virus Cure Being Compared to Nazi Medical Experimentation


Former CNN reporter Jacki Schechner is comparing President Donald Trump to Nazi Germany’s sinister scientists after he announced he supported the government testing an anti-malarial drug as a potential treatment for coronavirus.

Trump said Thursday he supported the Food and Drug Administration investigating whether variations of chloroquine, which has been available by prescription for decades to treat disease, could be used as an effective treatment for COVID-19.

A number of scientists in the international community have touted the drug in recent days as a potentially affordable treatment for the infection — although there is no consensus among health experts on the veracity of claims chloroquine can be successful in treating coronavirus.

On whether U.S. officials are looking into testing chloroquine, Trump said he is open to trying the drug, and added if it was found to be a suitable treatment, chloroquine could be a “game-changer.”

“I mean there’s been some interesting things happened — and some good, very good things. Let’s see what happens, we have nothing to lose. You know the expression, ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’” Trump said at a White House press briefing — prior to a heated exchange with NBC reporter Peter Alexander.

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According to Schechner, who has pushed a debunked narrative that Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election, Trump’s willingness to allow scientists to think outside the box to find a treatment for coronavirus equates him to Hitler’s mad scientists during the Holocaust and the Second World War.

“What do we have to lose? Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t?” – Trump,” Schechner tweeted.

“Is Trump advocating experimenting on sick people? That’s what the Nazis did. Except they weren’t all sick,” the former CNN reporter added.

Schechner went went on to defend her statement equating the president to German scientists responsible for war crimes after other Twitter users pushed back on the claim.

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Of course the President’s willingness to green light investigating potential COVID-19 treatments cannot be logically compared to experiments on both live and dead victims of Hitler’s Third Reich.

The truth about experiments on Jewish and other victims first came to light internationally during the Nuremberg Medical Trial of 1946–1947.

To summarize the horrifying medical experiments, eugenic-obsessed German doctors performed inhumane experiments on healthy Jews, intellectually and physically disabled people, homosexuals, twins and other people deemed genetically undesirable by the German government.

These experiments included freezing people alive, sterilizing prisoners, removing limbs from concentration camp prisoners and attempting to reattach those limbs to other prisoners and autopsies on living people — among other horrifying experiments.

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