Build That Wall: Trump's Latest Border Wall Message Is Leftists' Worst Nightmare


He did it again. President Donald Trump once again has taken to Twitter and made liberal heads explode, so to speak.

This time he accomplished it with one tweet that was jam-packed with trigger points. Drones, the border wall and criminal illegal aliens were all addressed.

While his tweet had a lot of support, the critics came out in droves. Not only did they hurl personal insults at the Commander-in-Chief, but they replied with a lot of typical liberal talking points, many of which had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

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Do you support building a border wall?

Something commonly missed in the great wall debate is that the barrier is only one part of a far more comprehensive plan to help with national security. Erecting a wall along the border does not address problems with visa overstays or employers hiring illegal aliens.

The wall has been an issue for many years. The current and potential future migrant caravan problems have only made it more urgent to address the wall issue now.

Back in November, more than 100 migrants were arrested in Tijuana on criminal charges. That same month, a Homeland Security report indicated that at least 270 members of the caravan were known criminals and gang members.

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The reason the entire migrant caravan of thousands has not entered the United States is due in part to the walls and other measures currently in place. But what is in place needs to be improved as some have still managed to illegally enter the United States, and some have been identified as criminals, such as a convicted murderer and an MS-13 gang member.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs website is constantly updated with new news releases pointing to just how bad the problem is that they have to contend with. Stories of child pornography, sex crimes against children and school shooting plots are among the many other horrifying stories that fill the feed.

Multiple countries, including Israel, successfully use walls as part of their border security. USA Today wrote earlier this year that since World War II, the number of border walls being built around the globe has dramatically increased, particularly since the 9/11 terrorist attack against the United States.

Israel’s wall has often been cited as a prime example of wall effectiveness. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has touted the wall’s success.

Even Politifact has stated that effectiveness claims are true. However, the experts they cited added that other measures, such as patrolling and drones, are also needed to add to their effectiveness.

So while the left may not like it, the facts remain that Trump is right about a wall being effective and in pushing for border wall construction, that originally began in 1993, to be seen to fruition now.

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