Tucker Carlson Exposes How Fugitive Texas Dems Committed an Act of Insurrection


Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the 51 Texas Democrats who absconded to Washington on private jets Monday in order to prevent the passage of legislation designed to prevent voter fraud.

Carlson said Tuesday that by frivolously abandoning their duties and fleeing their state in order to obstruct a legislative process, the grandstanding Democrats are guilty of “insurrection.”

He sarcastically used the term “insurrection” to lampoon the establishment media, which rabidly overhypes the word to describe what a motley crew of middle-aged supporters of then-President Donald Trump did during the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

“Yesterday, 51 Democrats in the state Legislature in Texas left Texas and flew to Washington, D.C. on private jets,” Carlson said.

“They did this in order to deny the Texas Legislature a quorum, and then they shut it down. They shut down the democratic process in their state.”

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The term “insurrection” is cavalierly invoked by Democrats and the corporate media to fearmonger and demonize Trump supporters.

But according to Carlson, what the jet-setting Texas Democrats did was actually an “insurrection.

It was also a gross dereliction of duty, a lame political stunt, an egregious abuse of taxpayer money and a slap in the face to their constituents.

“By leaving Texas, they … violated their sworn duty to represent their voters and they committed what amounted to an act of — yes — insurrection,” Carlson explained.

“Why? So that Texas lawmakers couldn’t pass laws against voter fraud — laws, by the way, that voters in Texas have said overwhelmingly they want passed. That’s democracy, but they’re not getting it.”

After the 51 Democrats abruptly took a vacation to prevent the passage of an election integrity law, their Republican colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives voted to have them arrested.

This means that not only are the 51 Democrats “insurrectionists,” but they’re also fugitives from the law.

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Race-baiting Democrats and their patronizing media puppets claim that tightening election integrity is “racist” because minorities are supposedly too dumb and poor to know how to get ID cards.

But Carlson noted that the Texas bill does not disenfranchise minorities — or anyone, for that matter — because it’s designed to ensure that everyone’s legal vote counts and is not canceled out by someone else’s fraudulent ballot.

“The measures that Texas voters would like to see become law include a bill that would require some form of identification: a driver’s license, a Social Security card, something valid and real for voters who submit mail-in ballots,” the Fox News host said.

“Another bill would require the Texas secretary of state to review voter rolls for noncitizens and remove people who are not allowed to vote. So nothing in the bill is radical or without extensive precedent.”

If you oppose voter fraud, Carlson said, the legislation is not controversial.

“But Democrats in the state don’t oppose voter fraud, nor critically do they believe in multiparty politics,” he said. “So they stop the entire process cold.”

Carlson lambasted the Texas Democrats’ grandstanding, saying it’s the definition of insurrectionist, obstructionist government tyranny.

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“Preventing lawmakers from making laws, shutting down the vote, would not seem like a defense of democracy,” he said. “In fact, it would appear to be just the opposite. It would appear to be an assault on the very core of democracy, which is the Legislature — the People’s House. Even ‘diabolical’ Vladimir Putin never attempted to do that.”

Carlson continued: “But according to Joe Biden, this time, it’s necessary. Sometimes, you’ve got to end democracy in order to save democracy — that is, if you’re not a ‘racist.’

“Requiring people to prove their identity when they cast a vote, said the president is, quote, ‘an unrelenting 21st century Jim Crow assault.’ Really? How so? Biden never explained, but he didn’t need to. His bootlickers on cable television jumped in to do the talking for him,” he added.

At this point, the errant Texas Democrats are facing a mounting backlash for their ridiculous posturing.

On Wednesday, the Republican speaker of the Texas House of Representatives said the legislators who left town to avoid voting on the election integrity legislation should forfeit their daily stipend.

“Those who are intentionally denying quorum should return their per diem to the State Treasury immediately upon receipt,” Speaker Dade Phelan said in a statement.

Hopefully, hitting them in their wallets will be the wake-up call these buffoonish “lawmakers” need to take their jobs seriously. But they’re Democrats, so it’s unlikely.

We live in dangerous times with serious problems confronting us, but serious people are not running our governments.

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