Twins Separated By Foster System. One Twin Looks Across High School Choir Team, Sees Familiar Face


When Sharane Calister walked on the stage for her blind audition on The Voice, the judges’ teams were mostly full, meaning that it would be more difficult to get the coaches to turn their chairs. She performed Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” and proved that she was worthy of a spot on someone’s team.

Alicia Keys turned her chair as soon as she began singing the chorus. Not long after, Keys began pressuring her neighboring coaches to also press their button because she knew that Calister deserved it. Kelly Clarkson hesitantly pressed her button at the last minute.

Even though Clarkson knew that Calister wouldn’t choose her as her coach over Keys, she explained why she decided to turn around, “It’s disrespectful when you don’t turn around with someone with that kind of talent.”

Keys went on to compliment Calister on her voice, “Your voice sounded like perfection. The low notes were so passionate and genuine and then when you went high it was like BANG!”

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“Whatever your journey has been has absolutely led you to share that type of performance,” she continued. She then asked Calister to share her story.

She opened up about her relationship with her twin sister, Tai’ron Perry. When they were 10 years old, Calister was adopted by an older cousin, but her twin sister was not able to live them.

“Being away from your twin is so hard, ya know?” she said through tears.

In high school, she saw an unexpected face in her gospel choir class — her twin sister! They hadn’t seen each other in five years. Calister described it as the best day of her life.

Perry remembers not wanting to leave choir class because it was the only time she was able to see her sister. “I was pretty happy that we were able to experience music together again,” Calister said.

Calister attributes the passion and ingenuity to the pain she experienced while she was separated from her sister.

After hearing her story, Clarkson encouraged Calister, “That was a really remarkable story. That’s what makes great artists — having all those hurdles and just what you’re going to do with those cards.”

Her twin was in the group of people behind the stage supporting her sister and cheering her on. Perry revealed after the audition that it was actually the first time she had ever seen Calister perform.

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Calister decided to be on Alicia Keys’ team (which came as no surprise to Clarkson) and advanced on to win in the Battle Round against Jamai.

With power and soul in Calister’s voice, she will be a force to be reckoned with this season — especially with her twin sister supporting her every step of the way.

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