Twitter Turns Against Katy Tur After MSNBC Anchor Mocks Families Helped by Trump Tax Reform


MSNBC host Katy Tur received widespread criticism Monday for dismissing the cash bonuses American workers have received following passage of the GOP tax reform bill.

Tur was watching as President Donald Trump delivered remarks on tax reform to employees of Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash, Ohio. At one point during the event, Trump introduced a machinist, who, like everyone else at the company, had received a $1,000 bonus thanks to the tax cuts.

The machinist, Tyler Berkshire, said that with the money he received due to tax reform, he plans to save up to start a family and eventually buy a bigger house.

But Tur, the host of “MSNBC Live,” quickly took to Twitter to remind the world that $1,000 is nothing more a drop in the bucket, especially when considering the cost of raising a child in Ohio.

“Gentleman at Ohio Trump event says he’s going to save to start a family with his 1,000 dollar one time bonus,” Tur wrote. “Average cost to give birth to one child in Ohio is $5,836.”

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The MSNBC host wasn’t done.

After a woman at the tax reform event indicated she plans to use her tax savings — which include the $1,000 bonus in addition to an estimated $1,500 in additional savings — to help buy a home and pay for her children to go to college, Tur once again offered her thoughts on the matter.

“Woman who just spoke says she’s going to use her $1,000 bonus and tax cut to help buy a home and pay for her two kids who are going to college,” she wrote. “In Hamilton Co, Ohio (where they are) avg home is $277,582.”

Have you benefited from the tax reform legislation?

“Avg cost of private college nationally ~35,000 … Public $19,000.”

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to respond, with many pointing out that $1,000 can go a long way toward helping pay for some of the expenses Tur had mentioned.

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As noted by Fox News, others mocked her for being out of touch.

In a later tweet, this one in response to a challenge from conservative commentator Steve Deace, Tur slammed the tax reform bill.

“The Trump tax law cuts taxes for the rich and corporations more than the middle class,” she wrote. “Also individual tax cuts expire. Corporate tax cuts don’t.”

But that only led more people to criticize her.

As The Western Journal reported, the number of firms offering an incentive tied to their lower tax bill has reached at least 250 in the weeks since Trump signed the legislation into law late last year.

Many of the firms are offering one-time cash bonuses, but some have promised additional and potentially more long-term benefits as a result of the corporate tax cut.

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