Two Thieves Planned On Stealing Tools, But Didn't Expect Several Customers To Be Armed


Perhaps they thought they had come up with the perfect plan. It was no “Ocean’s Eleven” scenario, but maybe they thought in its simplicity they’d have success.

They were wrong. Because they didn’t count on anyone fighting back.

According to the Everett, Washington-based Herald, the two unidentified men, ages 22 and 23, were going to simply steal some tools and then pawn them for the cash. Unfortunately, they targeted Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville, Washington, and several of the customers were armed.

After the duo allegedly took four nail guns, they attempted to flee the scene in a Honda Civic. One armed customer confronted them at the car, yelling at them to get out.

What happened next added to their trouble. The Herald reported that one suspect then told the other that the armed customer wouldn’t shoot them, so to run over him. Video shows that is what they tried to do.

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Check out the report from KOMO here.

The armed customer was struck by the car and landed on the hood. Two other customers did shoot, and both aimed at the tires.

One hit the front tire and the other hit a rear tire. But the thieves’ troubles didn’t stop there.

Do you think the customers who fired did the right thing?

A third customer also fired, according to The Herald, but it wasn’t clear whether he hit the car.

An employee of the targeted store jumped into his own car and followed the pair. But he backed off when they allegedly flashed what looked like a gun of their own at him.

Police found the Civic three blocks away, with two flat tires and the stolen tools inside. According to WPTV, the stolen nail guns had a value of $400.

A search led police to apprehending the two suspects. The men denied having hit anyone with the car, but the video busted them. No weapon was found in the car, according to The Herald.

The men were arrested. But the police aren’ts done.

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Now, they are looking for the armed customers who fired their weapons. Because they were fired in a public place, it may have been against the law.

The police are asking those who did so to come forward and provide statements. The implication is that charges may be filed against them for their actions.

It may not have been the best idea to fire a weapon in a public place where other people may have been milling around.

Whether they will come forward or not and whether charges are actually filed if they do, remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the two suspects are under investigation for first degree theft, according to The Herald. If they are convicted, they might want to spend their time behind bars thinking up new careers.

Crime just doesn’t pay.

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