'Ugly' Senior Dog with Bad Attitude Finds Her Perfect Match


When it comes to adopting a pet, everyone is looking for the puppies and kitties. Like orphaned children, younger adoptees are easier to place in forever-homes.

Knowing this, one woman set out specifically to find a senior dog. She searched long and hard and came across a picture of Bridgette.

Bridgette is a Brussels Griffon. She might possibly be the ugliest one on the planet.

In fact, when a coworker questioned her about wanting such an ugly dog, she knew that Bridgette was the right match for her. Shortly thereafter, the two started a life together.

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Bridgette is cranky and set in her ways. She’s not very clingy or social, and she doesn’t seem interested in play.

Bridgette’s mom believes it’s because she was bred in a puppy mill. Puppy mills are operations where dogs are bred for sale in stores — the conditions are usually cruel, unsanitary, and sometimes abusive.

When she was rehomed, the woman wasn’t sure Bridgette had any experience being indoors. She didn’t even know how to walk up stairs.

Interestingly enough, despite naturally high energy, playing is not intrinsic to dogs. If they are not socialized early, they may never take to playful tasks normally associated with canines such as fetch, tug-of-war, or playdates with other dogs.

Bridgette was slow to her new home; she initially spent a lot of time hiding under the bed.

It took her two years to settle into her new home and develop a relationship with her new mom.

But mom was patient and, with time, the pair hit it off. Now Bridgette’s mother can gauge her own emotional state based on quirks and mannerisms reflected in Bridgette’s behavior.

Bridgette likes to explore, but enjoys time spent with her mother the most. They are practically inseparable.

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Now Bridgette has a new lease on life in a loving home that supports her list of serious conditions.

She has a condition in her legs that hampers walking, so she participates in water therapy and is learning to walk with a doggy wheelchair.

Bridgette also has regular laser treatment through a specialized harness. Despite not being particularly socially interested, she still makes regular appearances at doggie meet-and-greets.

Whatever life Bridgette left behind, it’s clear that she’s happy, cared for, spoiled with love, and that her new mom was right. Bridgette is the perfect dog for her.

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