The Ukraine Controversy Is Trump Derangement Syndrome on Steroids


Let me put this in terms even Elizabeth Warren can understand.

Joe Biden is a liar, his son is a bumbling crook and any member of our so-called national security team who somehow has access to a presidential phone call with the leader of another nation and files a whistleblower complaint should be in prison for the rest of his or her life.

That clear enough for you?

Biden told a reporter that he has not discussed his son’s offshore investments. When was that? On Air Force Two when Sonny Boy hitched a ride? Bullcrap.

I don’t care what Andrew Napolitano said on Fox. The judge is losing his fastball just like Biden. What’s happening here is that the Mueller investigation turned out to be a nothingburger as opposed to the smoking gun Democrat morons like Adam Schiffhead were assuming it would be.

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And later, the news is that in this case the so-called whistleblower may not even have sat in on the call but heard about it second hand.

Did any of that end it?


This president had the discourtesy to beat Saint Hillary in 2016 and the swamp monsters are not going to stop trying to eject him from Washington like a heart transplant which won’t take.

The problem they are having is that the American public has wised up to these clowns and no longer accepts the CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC version of things.

Democrats want to impeach the president? Please. Stop hinting. Do it. American voters will make the final decision on the first Tuesday after the first Sunday in November of 2020 because — pure and simple — anything the House does do is merely political palaver. They, quite simply, don’t have enough votes or support to do anything else.

Never Trumper Bill Weld (Mitt Romney lite) wants Trump executed for treason? Honest. Saw his rant on TV.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen the tape of Biden bragging in 2018 about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Sonny Boy’s company fired or he was going to withhold a BILLION DOLLARS in United States loan guarantees.

Talk about your quid pro quo.

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And, by the way, this is what some woman at The Wall Street Journal named Rebecca Ballhaus called “widely discredited” in her story about this set of facts. The Wall Street Journal!

For comparison purposes, I happen to be the CEO of the USA Radio Networks in real life and if any of my news anchors used that phrase, they would be fired before their next newscast. This bundle of genius is a 28-year-old millennial who has already won a Pulitzer Prize. Not exactly Brit Hume.

The fact is that these people are unhinged. This is Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

Forget the opioid crisis. This is a crisis of stupidity involving people who are so busy throwing a tantrum they have no idea how entirely moronic they look.

Worse, it’s a big indication that there IS a deep state which needs to be excised.

And the only way to solve the issue may well be arrests — a lot of them — and jail terms.

They could load up a whole wing of a Federal Prison with these people — starting with the first batch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the FBI lovers, Peter Strozk and Lisa Page.

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