UN Is About To Prop Up Taliban: Nikki Haley's Chilling Warning


Nikki Haley, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, warned that the globalist body could elevate the Taliban by recognizing the group as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

That would be a slap in the face to the countless victims the terrorist group has murdered over the years, as well as the millions of women who are brutally oppressed in the Muslim nation.

“The U.N. should refuse to allow the Taliban to represent Afghanistan,” Haley told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. “The U.N. already has a terrible track record when it comes to giving human rights abusers a seat at the table, but this would be a new low.”

The former South Carolina governor said the U.N. must not cave to any Taliban attempt to be legitimized in light of its long history of human-rights abuses, especially against women.

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“A barbaric group like the Taliban that harbors some of the world’s worst terrorists and sets off suicide bombs in marketplaces has no place in an organization founded to maintain international peace and security,” she said.

To underscore that women essentially have no rights in an Afghanistan ruled by Sharia Law, a senior Taliban leader, Waheedullah Hashimi, said last week that “our scholars will decide whether girls are allowed to go to school or not,” the Examiner reported.

Haley expects the U.N. to capitulate to the Taliban, since it has legitimized other brutal, dictatorial regimes before.

Will the U.N. give the Taliban a seat at their table?

“The U.N. has a horrendous track record of putting human rights violators on human rights committees, so I don’t put it past them to promote the Taliban,” she told the Examiner.

“If a group that throws acid on schoolgirls and is known for rape, abduction, and forced marriage is placed on the Commission of the Status of Women, we should have nothing to do with it. It would be yet another disgrace for the U.N. That’s why it’s so important we make sure they never get a seat at the table.”

In April, the U.N. elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women — the group’s top legislative body on women’s rights — despite the Islamic nation’s well-documented history of abusing and oppressing women.

Similarly, the Taliban — a barbaric fundamentalist group — will probably be given a seat on the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women because the United Nations is spineless, Haley suggested.

“The U.N. General Assembly will likely make this decision,” she predicted.

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From her experience as U.N. ambassador, Haley said the feckless leadership at the intergovernmental group often gets bamboozled by deceitful terrorist regimes.

“At the U.N., I had to sit and listen to some of the world’s worst regimes lie about atrocities they were committing against their own people,” Haley told the Examiner.

“But this is a different situation — this was a violent overthrow by the Taliban of a legitimate, democratically elected government. There should be no recognition.”

Haley urged President Joe Biden to mobilize the country’s allies to oppose the U.N. elevation of the Taliban on the international stage.

“The United States should lead the charge rallying the free countries of the world in not recognizing the Taliban,” she said. “The Biden administration must step up after such a disastrous lack of leadership so far.”

However, it’s unlikely Biden will do anything since his dismal leadership has left thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan and couldn’t prevent deadly bombings on Thursday that hit U.S. forces in Kabul.

WARNING: One of the following Twitter posts contain graphic images.

Haley’s concerns were echoed by another former U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, who served at the U.N. during the George W. Bush presidency as well as a spell as national security advisor under President Donald Trump.

“I think the most likely outcome is the Taliban gets seated,” Bolton told the Examiner.

Many Americans aren’t surprised that the Biden presidency is turning out to be an abject failure. However, even his biggest critics are probably floored that he managed to squeeze so many crises into just seven months.

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