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Vet Helps Great Dane Birth 19 Babies Via C-Section, Every Puppy Strong and Healthy


Puppies are one of the best things on the planet. Pudgy little balls of fur, stubby legs and puppy breath — each pup is a little miracle and adorable, too.

Litter sizes really depend on the breed of dog. In general, the larger the breed, the larger the number of puppies. Some of the biggest dogs, like Great Danes, can have around 10 puppies per litter.

But this Great Dane named Cleo had nearly double that. On Feb. 23, in Kingman, Arizona, it took a vet, seven vet techs and the dog’s owners to help get all the puppies squared away, according to KSAZ-TV.

With 19 puppies, the momma required a cesarean section. As the puppies were taken out, they were cleaned off and rubbed dry by techs standing by.

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“The staff of KAH (11 of us) successfully delivered 19 Great Dane puppies this morning by C Section!” the Kingman Animal Hospital wrote on Facebook on Saturday. “All live and healthy! Mom doing great!”

“All puppies seemed to be in good health and crying and very active,” they captioned one of the photos. “They will be put in warming units until the mother is awake.”

Of course, the post drew all kinds of comments, including people openly bashing the owners of the dog, the methods used to get the puppies breathing, and even one lady’s long hair for touching the puppies.

The hospital tried to make it clear that all of the photos were taken in a treatment area, and do not show the actual room where the surgery took place, and yet there were still people blasting the techs for not working in a sterile environment.

“For the record: None of these photos were taken in the surgical room,” the hospital wrote. “These are not photos of the procedure but before and after pics. This is in our treatment area where we were checking puppies afterwards for any issues.”

“The procedure was performed in a sterile surgical room. These puppies do not belong to KAH or any of the staff.

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“Thank you all for the kind words and congrats to the momma dog and our hard working staff that came in for this emergency.”

With that many pups, the owners will be putting in the hours to supplement their feeding and care, as there’s no way momma would be able to feed them on her own.

All are reported as doing well, and if the owners were willing to put this much time, effort and money into bringing puppies into the world, chances are they are responsible people who are doing this for the love of the breed.

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