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Video Captures Moment Heroic Teen Saves Toddler's Life During Fall from Second-Story Window


Every parent’s worst nightmare is that something tragic will happen to their child.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan was around just in time to prevent one such accident from occurring last week. A security camera captured footage of the unbelievable incident, which has since gone viral.

As 17-year-old Fauzi Zabaat was walking along a street in Istanbul, Turkey, movement in a two-story window above caught his eye. In the video, Zabaat can be seen cautiously crossing the street while others walked by, unaware.

Zabaat was alarmed to see that a 2-year-old girl was playing close to an open window in an apartment close to an open window high above the street. Nothing was stopping the toddler from leaning forward and falling a considerable distance to the pavement below.

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The boy attempted to catch the attention of others but to no avail.

Sensing that a terrible accident was about to occur before he could call for help or alert the child’s parents, the teen positioned himself beneath the open window.

Just a few moments after Zabaat opened his arms to catch to the girl, she pitched forward and tumbled out of the high apartment window.

Miraculously, the teen managed to catch the little girl just before she hit the ground. The rescue immediately caught the attention of a passerby, who ran to Zabaat’s aid.

According to CNA, the toddler, Doha Muhammed, sustained no injuries from the fall. Although Zabaat struggled to keep upright when he caught her, the little girl landed safely in his arms.

Muhammed’s mother was incredibly thankful to Zabaat for rescuing her daughter. She offered the boy a monetary reward of 200 Turkish Liras for going out of his way to save the little girl’s life, USA Today reported.

The mother had been busy cooking in the kitchen when her daughter fell, with no idea that she was in danger.

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Muhammed’s family and many of those who have witnessed the recorded incident have called the teen a hero. According to the Saudi Gazette, Zabaat told AFP that the rescue was the result of divine intervention.

“I was just walking in the road when I saw the little girl at the window. She fell, and thanks to God, I caught her before she hit the ground,” the teen said.

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