RETRACTION: Video: Historically Black University Humiliates Biden After He Claims To Have 'Started Out' There

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RETRACTION, Sept. 29, 2020: When originally published, this article claimed Joe Biden did not attend the university where he said he “started out.”

Carlos Holmes, a spokesman for Delaware State University, originally confirmed to the Washington Times that Biden had not attended the university. However, Holmes said the outlet did not ask him to respond specifically to Biden’s comments.

“No he did not attend, but it’s unfortunate that the Washington Times never asked me to respond to Joe Biden’s comments, because that’s what everybody’s focusing on,” Holmes said to The Epoch Times.

He went on to say Biden was referencing his announcement at then-Delaware State College in 1972 to run for Congress.

“It is clear that Biden was talking about his long association with historically black colleges and universities, not talking about attending Delaware State,” Holmes said. “That’s what he was [talking] about. This was in 1972.”

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