'WJ Live': 'F*** Biden' - The Controversial Statement That Might Be the Least of Our Worries

Across the United States, Americans are blasting Biden for his actions in the White House, but Democrats have treated conservatives worse.
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'WJ Live': Treason - Milley Apparently Conspired with Chinese General Against US in Secret

Milley may have been a part of a conspiracy against the United States by promising to tell the Chinese government of potential attacks.
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'WJ Live': The New World Order, How the IRS Plans to Track You and Remembering 9/11

As Biden attempts to force tyranny on Americans, it is important to remember to fix our eyes on higher things.
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'WJ Live': Horror - Taliban Allegedly Tortures Pregnant Woman, Kills Her in Front of Family

The Taliban allegedly tortured and killed an Afghan police officer in front of her family. She was eight months pregnant.
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