Video: Jill Biden Gets Nasty Greeting on Street as Man Says Joe Is Worst POTUS and 'You Owe Us Gas Money'


Many Americans are deeply unhappy with the Biden administration. This has rarely been made more evident than in a recent video of a man yelling at First Lady Jill Biden about gas prices and the shoddy job her husband has been doing.

During a visit to a Connecticut ice cream store, Biden was jeered at, the New York Post reported.

“Your husband is the worst President we ever had,” an unnamed man shouted at Biden on Wednesday. “You owe us gas money.”

Biden just blithely responded, “Thank you! Thank you for your support, thank you!”

She just smiled and waved as if they were cheering her.

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“You suck,” another man shouted.

The video that was posted on Twitter has been reposted thousands of times, as many Americans seem to agree with the protesters’ shouted comments.

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Though this was just a snapshot of how some Americans feel about the Biden administration, it is symptomatic of a broader sentiment throughout the U.S.

This instance may have just been a few guys shouting at Jill Biden in Connecticut, but polling numbers show that they are not alone.

Just last week, President Biden hit yet another low in approval ratings, NPR reported.

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, Biden’s approval rating is now at 36 percent.

That is a four percentage-point drop from June.

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Biden can’t even grow his support among his own political party, the poll also found.

Only 30 percent of Democrats said they strongly approve of the job the president is doing.

Gas prices are still high, with the national average at $4.36 according to AAA.

Everything is more expensive, and Americans are having to pay more just for bare necessities like fuel and food.

“The increase [of the Consumer Price Index] was broad-based, with the indexes for gasoline, shelter and food being the largest contributors,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

So, it should be entirely unsurprising that Americans are deeply unhappy with the Bidens and shout at the First Lady in the street.

By many citizen’s reckoning, it’s Jill and Joe Biden that have wrecked the economy and hurt every individual’s pocket.

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