Video: Local News Runs Unnerving Video of Chicken 'Crawling' off Restaurant Plate


Are you sick of the left’s constant efforts to destroy President Donald Trump?

Were you disgusted with the establishment media’s wall-to-wall coverage of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, only for him to reveal absolute zero bombshells?

Are you just sick of politics in general?

Do you want a break from all the race-baiting, calls for socialism and efforts from liberal politicians to outdo themselves with horrible policy proposals?

Well, oh boy, do I have the story for you.

Megachurch Pastor Steps Down, Becomes Just Another Member of the Congregation: 'I Will Be a Worshiper Like You'

Quick warning: If you have an aversion to seeing images of raw meat (I’m not sure why you would), then you should probably look away.

Still here?

If so, then check out this video, originally posted to Facebook, of what appears to be a piece of raw chicken jumping to life and crawling off its plate at a restaurant.

Screams can be hurt as the “zombie” chicken starts moving.

Though to be fair, if this happened in front of me, I’d probably scream too.

Watch below:

The video has garnered more than 11 million views since being posted a few weeks back.

That’s likely due in no small part to the local TV news affiliates across the country that have picked up the story.

Chick-fil-A's Brilliant Kids Summer Camp Initiative Attacked by Hateful Critics Threatening to Report Company to the Government

According to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, dead chickens have been known to survive after being killed.

Confused by what I just said? Yeah, me too.

But watch this History Channel video about a headless chicken named Mike:

I’m not sure about you, but I know what creepy image will haunt my dreams tonight.

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