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Video: Punk Tries Mugging Senior. Doesn't Know He's a 5-Time World Kickboxing Champion

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A Florida assailant got a swift lesson in poetic justice after attempting to mug a five-time world-champion kickboxer.

Sixty-eight-year-old kickboxing champion Steve Shepherd was in a restaurant parking lot when a man attacked him from behind.

“He hit me from behind in the eye,” Shepherd told WPTV. 

The would-be thief then demanded Shepherd give him his phone.

“‘Give me your effing phone. Give me your effing phone.’ He said that three or four times. He was very upset,” Shepherd recalled.

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Unfortunately for the thug, he messed with the wrong guy. Shepherd explained that his claim to fame is beating “the guy who knocked out Mike Tyson.”

His lifelong training kicked in and Shepherd began doing what he does best: throwing punches.

“I hit him with what’s called a right cross as he was still coming at me,” Shepherd said. “I’m sure I broke his ribs. I could hear it almost.”

After retiring in 2000 when he turned 50, Shepherd started a kickboxing gym with his brother. He says he teaches the “intricate things” while his brother helps members get in shape.

Shepherd thinks his attacker thought he’d be an easy target because he was limping thanks to a pulled muscle. Of course, this was far from the case.

At the time of the attack, Shepherd was wearing a shirt that read “5x World Champion, Steve Shepherd’s Palm Beach KickBox-SuperFIT.”

“He was behind me, he should have seen that,” Shepherd laughed.

The attacker got away, but Shepherd thinks he taught him a lesson.

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“What he learned was he picked on the wrong guy,” Shepherd said. “I kind of feel sorry for him.”

According to WPTV, Shepherd is hoping to flex his skills again in 2019 and become the oldest person ever to compete in a professional fight.

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