Video Shows Leftist Agitators Attack Boston Police, Burn US Flag During Pro-Trump Rally


A group of pro-Trump demonstrators who gathered in Boston on Sunday for what they called a protest against Democrat violence was ironically disrupted by violent counterprotesters.

As organizer Samson Racioppi told The Boston Herald, “This is a peaceful protest against Democrat violence, and they’re proving our point.”

The newspaper reported that a pro-Trump group calling itself Super Happy Fun America, made up of roughly 50 people, gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to give speeches in support of President Donald Trump and take a stand against violence by his opponents.

People at the event, billed as a “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence,” carried signs, carried Trump flags and signs, one of which read “Stop Democratic Violence” and appeared to mock “Black Lives Matter” by changing the acronym to mean “Burning Looting Mayhem.”

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Super Happy Fun America is the same group that held a straight pride parade last summer in the city, The Herald reported.

USA Today reported that in August 2019, hundreds of people marched in the parade to celebrate heterosexual pride.

Mark Sahady, the vice president of Super Happy Fun America, told that newspaper at the time, “I am here to say, ‘I am straight, hear me roar!’”

Do you think leftist political violence will get worse after the election?

“Whether you are straight and part of the oppressed majority, or here as an ally supporting us, we welcome you to the greatest parade in the history of the world!” he said.

There seems to be a trend with the people representing Super Happy Fun America. They are an ornery bunch with a knack for pushing leftists’ buttons and expressing themselves.

That’s exactly the point, though.

What good is a First Amendment if it’s only reserved for those who are allowed to say what is popular on cable news or what is deemed culturally appropriate by Hollywood?

Why reserve the liberties granted by God and the Bill of Rights for those who don’t recognize God and seek to tear apart the Constitution?

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The Trump supporters who took to Boston’s streets to make themselves heard in a non-politically correct way showed up Sunday to protest leftist violence, and they were met with exactly that.

The group had to have known that the leftists would react in such a way.

Those representing the left at the chaotic scene burned an American flag and other items, including an image of Trump, according to video of the incident shared online. They also clashed with police officers.

The counterprotesters made one thing clear: They had no intention of having a discussion.

WARNING: The following social media posts contain language and images that some viewers might find disturbing or offensive.

Twitter user Ford Fischer shared images from the scene, where the American flag was set ablaze:

WCVB-TV reported Trump supporters and cops were targeted, and two people had to be corralled by police and arrested. Unsurprisingly, they were not with the group at Copley Square to protest Democratic violence.

Super Happy Fun America highlighted an important point with its gathering Sunday and perfectly captured the state of America’s political and cultural divide.

Democrats and groups affiliated with the party’s causes have used violence, or the threat of violence, to achieve objectives since May of this year in cities across the country.

Meanwhile, conservatives, for the most part, have been relegated to biting their tongues and waiting for Election Day.

The left’s most ardent activists have become so bold and unable to process irony that they can be drawn out to commit acts of violence by a protest against their propensity toward violence.

The left talks constantly of oppression, systemic bias and white supremacy.

But, as was evident in Boston on Sunday, exercising one’s basic rights as a conservative, patriotic American can be dangerous in the country’s current political climate.

WCVB reported the protest against Democratic violence ended with the pro-Trump demonstrators being escorted to safety by police.

The angry leftists reportedly remained behind, sporting “Black Lives Matter” signs and chanting slogans such as, “No good cops in a racist system,” and “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Who are the oppressed, again?

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