Violent Mob of Illegal Immigrants Storm Bridge, Assault Agents in Attempt To Cross Border


Here’s another incident the liberal mainstream media will work to sweep under the rug.

On Friday, a band of 47 violent migrants bum-rushed the McAllen, Texas, international port of entry. In their attempt to storm the border, numerous U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were attacked in the process.

According to Breitbart, the event occurred on the Pharr International Bridge around 4 a.m. The bridge connects Mexican city Reynosa with Pharr and McAllen.

CBP agents issued commands for the migrants to stand down from afar, but they didn’t listen, KGBT reported. The illegal immigrants tore down barriers at the port and dashed into the inspection area, where they tried to rip off gear the CBP officers had on them when being detained.

The dangerous migrant rush should warrant a national call to action on the border and a serious conversation with Mexican officials, as it deters legal immigrants from using the entry port and puts the lives of CBP officers in jeopardy.

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It was quite literally a small-scale invasion — an event that should be covered on every news outlet for weeks until the government put something in place to keep another border invasion from happening.

But as I said, don’t expect to see this in the establishment media anytime soon.

Additionally, a Del Rio port of entry had to partially close due to the threat of forced entry by a group of migrants earlier this week.

A series of leaked social media messages found on Monday allowed CBP agents to prepare for a potential rush.

Do you think Democrats actually care about legal immigration?

“CBP officers, assisted by Border Patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, temporarily reduced traffic at Del Rio International Bridge to one lane in either direction beginning at about 9:05 a.m. today following a demonstration in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico by more than 350 people in a park near the international bridge,” a CBP official said in a written statement.

Thankfully, the migrants came to their senses after entry was restricted: “Full normal traffic flow in both directions resumed at approximately 12:16 p.m.”

Ultimately, what Democrats don’t seem to understand is that the migrants who stormed the McAllen international port and committed assault on American border agents are the same ones they’re fighting for day-in and day-out.

They are the ones flooding the controversial migrant detention centers and foolishly putting children into harm’s way as they attempt to gain illegal access to America.

The left has a choice. Either it can help end the rampant influx of reckless illegal aliens and stand with legal immigrants, or it can allow the caliber of people who resemble the McAllen bridge-stormers to take advantage of the United States.

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Heck, the 47 migrants who attempted to infiltrate the border were right at a port of entry, where the legal immigration process starts. There’s no excuse for someone entering the United States illegally.

America is ready and willing to accept all those who genuinely want to make a better life for themselves — they just need to do it legally.

It’s really not that difficult.

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