Waitress Returns to Table and Finds $1700 'Tip' Left by Customer. Quickly Realizes It's Not for Her


You never know when you might be on the receiving end of an unexpected act of generosity. There are many instances in particular where waiters and waitresses have received enormous and life-changing tips from kind customers.

Though there have been multiple instances of these random acts of kindness at restaurants, each recipient has been completely surprised when it happens to them.

Kaylie Cyr, a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, found a huge stack of cash at one of her tables.

However, she knew that she was not on the receiving end of a giant tip from a customer. In fact, her actions would change the typical “customers leave a large tip” narrative a bit.

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This time, the waitress would be the one to act in the best interest of the customer. Glenn Morse was the customer who would be impressed and touched by Cyr’s act of kindness.

Morse, a regular at Buffalo Wild Wings, had dined at the restaurant and left Cyr a good tip.

He also accidentally left an envelope containing $1,700 in cash on the table.

That’s a lot of money to be carrying around, but it was intended for the expenses and payroll at his business.

Cyr found the envelope after Morse cashed out.

According to ABC News, Cyr explained, “I looked inside and saw a big stack of 100 dollar bills. You hear those stories where people give those huge tips, but after seeing his name on the envelope, I knew it wasn’t the case.”

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Though it crossed her mind that the envelope’s contents would certainly be like the amazing ‘waitress receives huge tip’ stories she’d seen in the news, she turned in the money right away.

When Morse came back the next day hoping that his envelope of money would be at the restaurant, he wanted to thank Cyr for her honesty.

He gave her a $100 bill a week later as a reward for returning the money.

Cyr was delighted and surprised to receive a reward, but even more happy that she took the opportunity to do the right thing instead of giving in to the tempting choice of keeping the “extra tip.”

Morse was surprised that a waitress would anonymously surrender the cash without expecting any recognition. “You’d think someone would say, ‘It was me who did that great deed’ and I thought that was very impressive,” he said.

“She wasn’t looking for a reward or praise. She was just a gracious, great person.”

Here’s a final tip: Honesty is the best policy!

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Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College.
Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College. Carolyn's writing has been featured in both online and print media, including Just Between Us magazine. She resides in Phoenix with her husband and children.
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