Warner Bros. May Be Scrapping Another Film - Woke Superhero Actor Faces Villainous Allegations Involving Children


As his legal problems pile up, actor Ezra Miller might lose the biggest role of his career.

Already facing multiple allegations this year, Miller — set to star as the speedy superhero the Flash in films based on the DC comic books — was charged last week with felony burglary after allegedly entering a home in Stamford, Vermont, and stealing several bottles of alcohol, The Associated Press reported.

Additionally, Rolling Stone reported Wednesday that Vermont’s Department for Children and Families was searching for a mother and three children who had stayed at the actor’s farm in the state.

According to authorities, an emergency care order was issued to remove the children, ages 1, 4 and 5, because their safety “cannot be reasonably assured” under her care. Authorities said they suspected the actor was “shielding” the family, according to Rolling Stone.

With the latest trouble coming on top of numerous other charges and complaints, Miller’s behavior has put Warner Bros. Discovery in a quandary.

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The studio has to decide how to move forward with its highly anticipated film “The Flash.”

The Hollywood Reporter said Thursday that Warner executives were pondering three different scenarios for the movie.

First, Miller — who has described himself as “transgender nonbinary” — could seek “professional help” for his “erratic behavior” and then do limited promotional press for the film.

Second, if the actor doesn’t seek assistance, the movie still could be released as planned with the role recast for future DC projects.

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Finally, if things get worse for Miller, the studio could scrap the $200 million film entirely.

Canceling the mostly completed movie would not be unprecedented for the studio.

Earlier this month, Variety reported the $90 million “Batgirl” movie was not going to release after it was already complete. The film was scrapped under the new leadership of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

A lawyer speculated to Newsweek that the decision came down to finances, with the company deciding to “cut its losses.”

The U.K.’s Daily Mail suggested one factor in the “Batgirl” cancellation could have been that the movie received poor test screenings for being too “woke,” considering it race-swapped a white Barbara Gordon with a Latina actress and added a transgender character.

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Two days after the shocking announcement, Zaslav praised “The Flash” for being “terrific” and said he could not wait for audiences to see it next year, according to People.

Though shelving the superhero film would not be a surprise to fans at this point, this executive decision would come as a huge financial loss for the Hollywood studio.

But if “Batgirl” was canceled for being financially risky, Warner could make a similar call with a film whose lead actor is in the headlines for one scandal after another.

Earlier this year, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii, first for alleged disorderly conduct and harassment in March and then on a second-degree assault charge in April, Variety reported.

In June, he was accused of “grooming” a 12-year-old and using “cult-like and psychologically manipulative behavior” on the child, according to NPR.

To make matters worse, the actor “participated in regularly scheduled additional photography” for “The Flash” this summer even as legal challenges continued to mount against him, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

The point is that Miller is a walking PR disaster for Warner Bros. Discovery as it figures out its next steps for “The Flash,” which is still set to release in theaters on June 23, 2023.

One thing is clear: The actor can’t run away from his problems even if he is the Fastest Man Alive.

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