The Washington Post Just Linked Trump to Russia Because He Likes Hamburgers: No Joke


I imagine that when former special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his Russia probe, finding no evidence that President Donald Trump conspired with the Russians, the establishment media was a bit upset.

After all, mainstream outlets spent nearly two years doing their best to tie Trump to Russia. With Mueller concluding his investigation, what were they going to write about now?

Well, it seems The Washington Post Magazine has found a unique way to link the two, reporting on the Russian connection to one of the president’s “favorite foods” — hamburgers.

“Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection,” reads the ridiculous headline of a piece Tuesday by Deena Prichep, who’s described as a journalist and cookbook co-author.

“It’s high summer — hamburger season,” the article, which isn’t even categorized in the Op-Ed or opinion section, begins. “The char, the fat, the squishy perfection of processed bread sopping up the overflowing juices — doesn’t it somehow seem like Americans’ birthright? There’s a reason that President Trump chose to serve hamburgers — twice — as an all-American feast for some all-American championship college football players.

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“But peel back the oil-spattered pages of history, and you’ll find that the sandwich so closely aligned with the stars and stripes was once also embraced by the hammer and sickle. (Yep, like so much about this current administration, even Trump’s beloved hamburgers have surprising ties to Russia.)”

After those first few paragraphs, the piece only mentions Trump one more time in passing.

Will the establishment media ever give up on the Trump/Russia collusion narrative?

It’s actually not all that exciting of an article — it mainly describes how the Soviets adopted the American hamburger to feed their workers as the country industrialized in the 20th century. (I suppose it can be interesting if you like that sort of thing.)

My guess is that Prichep or her editors added the parts about Trump so that people would read the article, even though the only connection is that Trump (gasp) likes hamburgers.

By that logic, The Post could have run this same story linking me to Russia, because (guess what) I like hamburgers too.

Plenty of Twitter users had some great responses to the article. Here are just a few:

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“At first you read this thinking its satire. Then, sadly, it hits you that The Washington Post has gone full-on tinfoil hat conspiracy theory garbage,” political satirist Tim Young told Fox News.

“When does this insanity end?” he said. “First it’s the Russian conspiracy hoax and now it’s his fast food? These people have become complete lunatics and have lost all credibility.”

Young is right. But will The Post and establishment media outlets like it ever learn?

Something tells me the answer to that question is a resounding “no.”

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Joe Setyon was deputy managing editor for The Western Journal with several years of copy editing and reporting experience. He graduated with a degree in communication studies from Grove City College, where he served as managing editor of the student-run newspaper. Joe previously worked as an assistant editor/reporter for Reason magazine, a libertarian publication in Washington, D.C., where he covered politics and wrote about government waste and abuse.
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