Watch: Biden Praises Creepy Cuomo Just Hours After He Resigned Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


President Joe Biden got into a tiff with several reporters Tuesday after he praised New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just hours after the disgraced Democrat announced he would resign amid numerous and credible sexual harassment allegations.

Biden was speaking to reporters about his $1 trillion “infrastructure” bill when he was reminded by a reporter that he has over the years bonded with Cuomo, specifically on the issue of infrastructure.

“How would you assess [Cuomo’s] 10-and-a-half years as governor of the state?” Biden was asked.

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“In terms of his personal behavior or what he’s done as a governor?” he responded.

“Well, he’s done a hell of a job. He’s done a hell of a job on everything from access to voting to infrastructure to a whole range of things,” Biden said. “That’s why it’s so sad.”

Moments later, CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins asked a follow-up with regard to how Biden can summarize Cuomo’s tenure running New York as a success, given he will leave in shame in two weeks.

“Can I quickly follow up on your comment about Gov. Cuomo? Can you really say that he has done a ‘hell of a job’ if he is accused of sexually harassing women while on the job?” Collins asked.

Should Biden have avoided talking about Cuomo?

That was when things got tense between Biden and his establishment media sycophants. Collins pressed on, and Biden was none too pleased to be questioned about his eulogizing Cuomo’s time as governor as at least a partial success — alleged sexual harassment aside.

“Should he remain as governor is one question, and women should be believed when they make accusations that are able to on the face of them make sense,” Biden said.

“If they’re investigated and the judgment was made that what they said was correct, that’s one thing. The question is, ‘Did [Cuomo] do a good job on infrastructure?’ That was the question.”

“He did,” Biden said confidently.

Another reporter asked about the disgraced new York governor, “How was he as a governor generally — outside of his personal behavior?”

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Asked whether he could separate Cuomo’s personal life from his handling of business for New York, Biden became flustered that he’d painted himself into a corner. On whether he could differentiate between Cuomo the alleged pervert and Cuomo the infrastructure partner, Biden answered with a simple, “No.”

Biden was obviously blind to the optics of this entire situation, and he could have avoided it by simply dismissing the soon-to-be-former New York governor.

Cuomo would be radioactive right now were he a Republican. That’s why Democrats and the disgraceful establishment media aren’t concerned that his administration sentenced elderly New Yorkers to death last spring by making them bunk with COVID-positive patients in nursing homes.

That leaves only the numerous allegations of credible sexual improprieties, and Democrats and Biden know about accusations such as those all too well. Biden actually faced a credible accusation last year from a former Senate staffer named Tara Reade.

Biden denied the allegation he sexually assaulted her three decades ago, but that doesn’t make it any less credible. Apparently, Cuomo’s accusers were simply too numerous to smear and dismiss. The president said during the exchange with reporters Tuesday that “women should be believed when they make accusations.”

One made a serious one against him, while there is ample evidence of him sniffing the hair and clothing of others. Biden never dropped out of the 2020 race, and few Democrats ever wanted him to. Was Reade ever believed by those on the left who constantly champion women? No.

She was completely ignored while no serious inquiry was ever conducted by anyone. The media blackout against Biden’s serial touching, Reade’s ignored accusation and the establishment media’s complicity in all of it resulted in Biden feeling emboldened to defend Cuomo hours after he was forced to quit.

It must be nice to have such low standards for those you hold in high regard — and to also not have to answer for them.

Biden’s comments on Cuomo — all of them — will be forgotten by the end of the week.

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