Watch: Biden Voter Turns on Him on Fox News, Drops Brutal Truth Bomb on POTUS


New Yorker Isaiah Carter came on Fox News to blast the Biden administration.

So what? He’s criticizing President Joe Biden on Fox News, after all.

But Carter is not one you would normally identify as a Fox News viewer, much less a speaker. He’s been a Democrat for 16 years and was more involved in campaigning for Biden than anything he previously had done politically.

Carter even appeared in a Biden victory video.

But he’s livid over the direction the president and his administration have taken the country. And he has words for the Democratic Party, too.

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“The fact that I — a blue-collar Democratic worker — am speaking to Fox News should scare you and scare the rest of our party,” Carter said in the video.

He voiced a litany of complaints on issues from transgender athletes to critical race theory to the Afghanistan withdrawal and COVID-19.

“I’ve seen my party headed into the wrong direction,” Carter said. “I am seeing Joe Biden … going into these dark realms making all of this stuff … that has no place in schools, that has no place in society.

“That is how the party destroys itself. That is how liberals become so, so far over to the left that they become completely unrecognizable from what they used to be.”

Carter’s disillusionment was echoed in a Rasmussen poll on Monday showing Biden’s job approval rating at 41 percent, compared with a disapproval of 57 percent.

Worse, 66 percent said the country is going in the wrong direction compared with 29 percent saying it’s the right direction, according to Rasmussen.

Carter’s complaints go back to the first day of the Biden presidency when, in his words, the president “turned Title VII and Title IX inside out.”

“If you want to know why you have Lia Thomas — that man — swimming and competing against women in swimming competitions, that’s why: gender identity,” he said, referring to the University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer.

“If I had known Biden was this much of a genderist, there’s no way I would have voted for that man.”

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For Carter, that’s saying a lot.

“I donated to Biden — which I did – I supported Kamala Harris from day one – which I did,” the New Yorker said. “I even starred in Biden’s victory video, ‘America the Beautiful.’ I was in it.

“I did more in the 2020 election to actively work for someone’s campaign — I did more than I’ve ever done in my entire life for any candidate whatsoever — and I’m disgusted.

“I voted for Biden thinking that he was safe, thinking that he was the safest choice. … But before I started supporting Biden, I was a Kamala Harris supporter.”

Now, Carter is “furious” with Biden. Besides the transgender push, he had strong words about the abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying, “The video of refugees dropping from C-117s to their deaths will haunt this presidency and will haunt this country for decades to come.”

And then there’s critical race theory, which he described as “a trojan horse that has a lot of darker elements hiding inside, like the diversity, equity and inclusion movement.”

“I don’t like the idea of kids — black kids, white kids, whatever — separated by race and then made to feel like one group is oppressed and the other group is not,” Carter said.

Mishandling of COVID-19 is another of his complaints about the Biden administration.

“Omicron is a weak variant — everyone knows that — and you’re still trying to enforce this kind of stuff on people. Why? Why? Who’s benefiting from this?” Carter said.

With so much craziness coming from the Democrats, it’s hard to believe individuals like Carter are still around.

But why not? They hold to longtime Democratic working-class values continually ignored by the party even despite the dedication of individuals like Carter.

Is the Democratic Party destroying itself by lurching to the left?

Democrats had better be careful. One of the most esteemed Republicans of modern times, former President Ronald Reagan, used to be a Democrat and a union president, no less.

And it was Reagan who famously said: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.”

While probably not yet to the place Reagan was when he switched parties, Carter had a stern message for the party.

“Democrats, I need you to listen to me carefully. The fact that I, a registered Democrat, am appearing on Fox News … that they’re willing to talk to me and MSNBC and CNN are not — that is a problem, and that should tell you all how far we’ve fallen away from the common man.”

Democrats are not listening to what should be their base. And Republicans are not blameless, either – their base is not the Chamber of Commerce or big corporations seeking cheap labor. Isaiah Carter would probably have a problem with that, too.

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Mike Landry, PhD, is a retired business professor. He has been a journalist, broadcaster and church pastor. He writes from Northwest Arkansas on current events and business history.
Mike Landry, PhD, is a retired business professor. He has been a journalist, broadcaster and church pastor. He writes from Northwest Arkansas on current events and business history.