Watch: Bill O'Reilly Gives Rundown of Biden's Schedule in Less Than 10 Seconds


Given that Joe Biden is the president of the most powerful nation on earth and the leader of the free world, you would think that his schedule would be packed to the brim with important business that he has to attend to.

Well, a recent segment from Bill O’Reilly suggests that the opposite is true and Biden does absolutely nothing.

During an episode of his podcast on Tuesday, O’Reilly broke down Biden’s schedule for the day for his listeners. It took less than 10 seconds. All he had was two campaign events in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in the evening.

Turns out, the leader of the free world did not actually do any work on Tuesday. Instead, he went to a fundraising event that did not even start until 5:15 p.m., meaning he just sat around the whole day.

O’Reilly went on to point out that currently, there are several important matters that require Biden’s immediate attention.

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With the recent mutiny in Russia and rising gas prices being just two of the most pressing matters, Biden’s seeming lack of any action is of great concern to the nation.

But, O’Reilly also said that he gives his audience a schedule every day, and a pattern is beginning to emerge.

“Yesterday, do you know what he did? He had lunch with Kamala. That’s it. Today he’s out in Chevy Chase raising money. C’mon,” he told his audience.


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Is Biden worthy of being the president of the United States?

So, in the midst of crises both at home and abroad, instead of actually doing work to address the issues, the president is having lunch with his VP and going to campaign events.

What makes this worse is that the presidency is not a regular job. It is not a nine-to-five job that can be confined to certain hours or days of the week.

You cannot take a vacation from being the president. Sure you can go on a vacation and take leisure time, but as president, you need to be ready to respond to things whenever they come up at any time and on any day.

Biden, however, does not seem to be doing the hard work that all presidents are required to do in order to do a good job. And when he does come out of the White House to do something, he says or does something embarrassing.

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No wonder our enemies feel emboldened to act aggressively, if this is the type of leader we have.

This also raises the question of if the president is not doing anything, then how is the administration actually getting anything done?

It seems as if Biden is not the one running the country right now, either because he does not want to or because he is unable to. Clearly, something is not right here.

Someone has to run the country, but it does not seem to be Biden.

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