Top 5 Biden Gaffes of 2022 That Show His Mental Decline Is Only Getting Worse


The Democratic Party has in recent years turned a new corner, in which it has become increasingly clear that its politicians don’t necessarily require their full mental capacities in order to be revered.

If we weren’t talking about our bumbling Commander-in-Chief here, we could instead discuss the elevation of John Fetterman to Pennsylvania senator.

Fetterman, as you know, can hardly produce an intelligible sentence.

The ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate full cognitive functions is no longer a necessary trait for leftist leaders, it would seem.

But Fetterman is late to the game, following on the heels of former Senator Joe Biden, our sitting president, who for many moons has found himself seemingly unable to reach the end of a speech without having made numerous errors in diction.

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Biden is known to be combative with virtually anyone who questions his agenda, including constituents.

As time has gone on and the full reality of that agenda has come to light, critics have grown steadily in number. At the time of writing this article, almost 60% of Americans disapprove of the job their president is doing. And some of that may stem from his public speaking.

Most recently, this month, Biden struggled to get out an unknown word, possibly “apoplectic” in a stand-off with a reporter who was asking a relatively routine question.

In early fall, Biden’s scary senior moment had him searching a crowd for a GOP congresswoman who’d passed away.

Even if we assumed this was an honest mistake — somehow — the incident still demonstrated the faculties of the world’s most powerful political leader.

Said lacking faculties were further on display back in September, when Biden tripped all over the words “reduce the deficit,” uttering instead something to the effect of “rededudenedefet.”

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It might be diplomatic to overlook such egregious errors in speech, but then it would be hypocritical of leftists to expect as much.

One cannot forget the origins of the “stable genius” meme around President Trump, who rarely made as many verbal or directional mistakes as Biden.

Indeed, we can only expect that if Trump had ever acted anything like Biden does, our tolerant left-leaning friends would launch the most excoriating ableist attack on the man in an effort to unseat him.

For our part, we don’t necessarily think that age or ability should disqualify the man from conducting his duties, but we do wonder if we’re asking too much for our president to be able to carry on a conversation?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but shouldn’t we also expect our leaders to actually be more eloquent than the rest of us, rather than struggling with high school words like “kleptocracy,” as Biden recently did?

Other times, he simply loses touch with reality or misremembers or misinterprets events in an extreme way and has no issue relaying what he believes in that moment, as we saw when he declared that his son Beau had in fact perished in Iraq.

The growing number of such incidents is what brings cause for concern, of course, with the specter of Vice President Kamala Harris taking over perhaps irking some conservatives more than anything Biden himself could do or say.

To be fair, Biden and other political leaders of the times experience a microscope that wasn’t levied at leaders of the past. We question how far certain leaders would have made it in the polls if various things were known about them — or if their every move was filmed.

Regardless, we must have basic standards as a society for those who lead us. While these people should generally represent us, they should also be able to function at the same or a higher level than us. In Joe Biden we are increasingly seeing the opposite of that, as the aforementioned gaffes have illustrated.

While this country failed to institute a proper opposition to Biden in November’s election, Republicans do now have some power to look into the various aspects of the regime. Looking into Biden’s health is certainly not off the table, although it may be down the list from certain criminal implications brought on by Biden’s son, Hunter.

Is President Biden mentally fit to run the country?

Whatever happens, the American people deserve better than all this. Whether it’s John Fetterman, who will effectively function as no more than a party puppet, or Joe Biden, the so-called leader of the free world, we as a nation should not be subject to the whims of men who cannot adequately make decisions. If there was ever a time that we should consider certain modifications to our election system, such as instituting health checks for aspiring public officials, it would be now, when the withering faculties of certain pliable men are tearing our institutions apart and bankrupting our society.

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