Watch: Convicted Baby Killer Slugged by Family Member as He Exits Court


An Indiana courtroom got a little more than it bargained for on Wednesday after a man convicted of murdering his three-month-old son was pummeled by the baby’s uncle.

The murderer, Kwin Boes, was sentenced to 19 years in prison and six more years on work release, according to Fox News. In addition, he will cover the funeral expenses for the child, per the judge’s order.

When the courtroom doors opened and Boes began to walk down the hallway, the shocking video captured Jeremiah Hartley barreling toward Boes and then punching him square in the face.

You can watch the wild encounter in the video below.

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“He’s going through some things. He’s upset anyway,” Lisa Hartley, the deceased boy’s grandmother, said. “That really upset him just to see him come out; I don’t know if he heard how much time he got or if he was just upset about his nephew. This is a horrible crime.”

The enraged uncle was physically removed from the courtroom and now faces 179 days in prison. He’s being charged with a misdemeanor battery by the state.

Boes’ son Parker was found dead with visible signs of blunt force trauma on the baby’s skull, ultimately leading to the arrest of the father in May 2018.

“Parker was such a sweetheart. He smiled all the time. He was just a happy baby. He wasn’t even three months old yet,” Hartley said.

Do you think the murderer's sentence should have been longer?

After the court session, family members told WEVV they wanted a harsher punishment for the killer, explaining that Parker suffered immensely and that he sadly never got a real chance at life.

“I wish that the defendant and the court could’ve been in my shoes and had seen what I’d seen. To see this small baby lie there and fight for his life,” Mike Hartley, the baby’s grandfather, said.

“My grandson’s not coming back ever,” the grandmother said. “I don’t care what happens to Kwin. I don’t care what happens to him ever.”

The uncle who attacked Boes was praised on social media, with some users even suggesting that the cops should have turned a blind eye to the courtroom attack.

“I hope the charges against the uncle are dropped. Just wish they would’ve gave the uncle a few minutes to brutalize that infant murderer,” a Twitter user said.

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One even tweeted at President Donald Trump requesting that he pardon the uncle should he end up with a prison sentence.

“If the Uncle is convicted and faces time, please consider a pardon. No one can expect a person to be rational when they’re child age nephew is killed by his father,” the Twitter user said.

“We are a GO for an awesome uncle. I don’t condone this behavior, but it’s hard to fault the guy,” another wrote.

While Hartley’s actions were uncalled for and obviously illegal, it’s not difficult to sympathize with the level of rage he must have felt in the moment.

Hopefully, with the proper support and prayer, this family can begin to regain a sense of normality.

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