Watch: Cop Shows Admirable Restraint in the Face of Horrific Tongue-Lashing from Angry Driver


Rarely do we hear an individual so thoroughly disgrace herself as this woman did during a traffic stop by a Latino Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy last month.

She had been pulled over for using her cell phone while driving.

The deputy approaches the car and tells her, “I pulled you over today because … “

“Because you’re a murderer,” she says, interrupting him. During their brief encounter, she repeatedly calls the deputy a “murderer.” She insists that he call his supervisor because “you’re threatening to kill me and my son.”

The deputy is the model of restraint. He remains calm and polite as she spews her poison.

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She concludes by informing him that he will never be white.

“You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that?” she says. “You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be.”

The woman’s race is unclear, because her image has been blurred.

According to Fox News’ reporter Bill Melugin, who brought the story to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, the deputy is a 14-year veteran. The deputy told Melugin that he uses both a department-issued body camera as well as one he purchased privately to “protect himself from false allegations.”

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Melugin he was “appalled” by this woman’s behavior. He praised his deputy’s restraint.

Villanueva noted, “She claims to be a teacher. I’m not so sure where she is teaching … but if she represents her profession, is that an indictment on her profession and the caliber of people?”

He compared the incident to the arrest of George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police in May 2020. Former police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder in Floyd’s death on April 22.

“You have one incident like George Floyd … but some people want to label the entire profession as if everyone was a Derek Chauvin,” Villanueva told Melugin in an interview.

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“It shows you that bigotry, racism comes in all, colors and all ages — that’s proof of that right there. If you want to call all of the deputies murderers, unfortunately, you are doing the exact same thing you’re accusing other people of doing against your own kind.”

According to Melugin, the woman “called internal affairs and filed a harassment complaint against the deputy” after the encounter. The sheriff’s department also said the woman “has a history of making false claims against deputies,” Melugin told Carlson.

He told Carlson the incident is a “grade A example of the kind of animosity that some of the officers out there are encountering on the streets.”

You can watch his appearance here:

The story lit up social media.

The interaction documented in this video is what the repeated vilification of police officers leads to. It gives this woman and countless others like her a license to treat cops as if they were sub-human.

Can this kind of behavior lead to more violence between civilians and law enforcement?

I wrote elsewhere Monday about a video recorded by a police officer who had reached the height of his frustration over being painted with the same brush as former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin.

It’s heartbreaking to watch. The officer is exhausted, heartbroken with the state of his country. He, like many others, has to go to work every day and face the anti-cop rhetoric that has ripped through the U.S. Most cops are good. But the good ones have to face hatred every day thanks to a stream of politically driven attacks from the left.

I think most Americans who saw the video Melugin obtained were united in their revulsion toward this woman. As Villanueva noted, demonizing all police officers because of Chauvin makes about as much sense as tarnishing all teachers because of this woman’s loathsome behavior.

But this is where the left’s campaign against police officers has brought us. It’s a dangerous state of affairs.

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