Watch: Dad and Son Surprised with Baby Gifts on Christmas Eve, But Son Doesn't Understand

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Christmas is a wonderful time of getting together with friends and family, recounting the year’s events, and eating too much food. Gifts are exchanged, stories are told, and it’s a time of cheer and high spirits.

It’s also a great time to announce new members of the family. Grandparents-to-be are already expecting presents of some sort so an announcement can be worked in without arousing suspicion, but there are some creative individuals who’ve come up with charming ways to break the news.

Some make ornaments. Exchanging ornaments is a tradition in many families and the gift won’t flag as unusual until the lettering is read.

Others do the pregnancy reveal through photos. You’ve seen the announcements with mom’s shoes, dad’s shoes, and a set of baby shoes between them, so it only makes sense that the same idea would work with stockings.

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No matter how couples choose to reveal the good news, there are plenty of options out there and it’s usually a welcome announcement.

This mom decided to reveal her news to her husband and son at the same time. She had the perfect setup: They were both seated on the couch, wearing elf pajamas, and she handed them each a wrapped gift.

“Christmas Eve, early Christmas present!” said the mom as they began opening their presents.

“Awwwwesommme!” said the boy, holding up a pair of Christmas booties that were clearly too small for him. He paused to watch his dad unwrap his present, which turned out to be a striped onesie way too small for him.

The dad stares at the pajamas for just a moment before turning to mom and sending her a pointed look. “Shut up,” he said, still holding up the baby clothes. “Are you serious?”

Meanwhile, the boy breaks down in a fit of laughter. He doesn’t seem to really be grasping the situation though, so mom prompts him, asking “What is it?”

“Baby shoes,” he says, pausing his laughter only long enough to answer the question.

“Yeah, you don’t get it, do you?” said the dad.

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The boy continues to examine the shoes while laughing, looking for some sort of clue, but still not quite connecting the dots. His mother addresses him and says “What did you ask for for Christmas?”

“Umm, a few games,” he says, looking like he’s trying to remember what he’d asked for and how baby shoes could have anything to do with it. Mom has to get more specific, and says “Starts with a ‘B.'”

Baby stuff?” he tries, still not sure. “Well, I didn’t want…”

“Did you ask for a brother?” mom interrupts. “Yes,” he answers. Then he gets it: He sees the light, and he’s suddenly ecstatic.


“You’re pregnant?!” he yells. “Are you serious?” dad says, checking in again, just to make sure.

Mom finally confirms that they’ll be adding another member to their family, and the rejoicing begins. With that kind of attitude, it’s pretty clear that this kid will make a great older brother.

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