Watch: Drivers Drag Environmental Protesters Out of the Road During Protest


Environmental protesters decided to block traffic Wednesday in London — and drivers were not pleased.

The far-left group Insulate Britain held a demonstration near the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge over the River Thames to unproductively raise awareness for climate change.

As the protesters lying on the ground refused to move, some angered drivers got out of their cars and dragged them off to the side of the road.

In footage from the British radio station LBC, a few drivers attempted to drive around (or through) the group in order to go about their day.

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The drivers can be seen arguing with protesters sporting orange vests, and one man even tore up their “Insulate Britain” sign.

Do you agree with the protesters' actions?

The organization’s spokesman defended the actions of the protesters while condemning the drivers who tried to stop the disruptive demonstration.

“In 10 years’ time when fuel crises are catastrophic, when the food has run out and when people are experiencing unsurvivable heatwaves, what would you be wishing you had done now? We think you’ll be wishing you had sat on the road with Insulate Britain doing whatever it took to protect current and future generations. So come join us on the road,” Liam Burton said, according to The Guardian.

What Burton does not understand is that people will be more turned off from their cause by needlessly inconveniencing people who have responsibilities to take care of, like truck driver Rachael Venables.

Venables explained to LBC that he missed out on a job interview because of the group’s blockade.

“I’ve lost my job interview because of these lot here,” he told the outlet.

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“I’m a [heavy goods vehicle] driver, and there’s a shortage of HGV drivers. None of [the protesters] work; they have all retired.”

“I had an interview this morning, but I’ve been told I’ve lost it because I’m too late,” he continued, adding that his trip was delayed roughly an hour.

The junction that the blockade took place near was by the Purfleet Freight Terminal, which many truck drivers use to transport fuel.

“They are aiming to stop the tankers especially getting through to the petrol stations so that the public won’t have any fuel in the petrol stations,” another HGV driver named Phil told LBC.

“Obviously it’s a major impact; that’s what they are aiming for. For us, it is aimed at us particularly because we are the drivers. We are busy as anything and they are aiming to stop us from moving — and that’s what they want.”

These demonstrators did nothing but embarrass themselves and should certainly not be surprised that drivers attempted to retaliate.

You don’t have to agree with the drivers’ response to the situation, although it is common sense that you shouldn’t block a major roadway. Except common sense is not so common anymore.

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