Watch: Fox News Host Gets Heated with Democratic Congressman: 'You're Very Rude, Sir!'


Things got dicey on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Thursday night, as Democratic Representative Sean Maloney of New York repeatedly interrupted MacCallum in a discussion about the release of Robert Mueller’s special counsel report that morning.

The segment got off to a calm start as MacCallum questioned Maloney on the Democratic Party’s next move in regard to the Russian collusion investigation. MacCallum had also given the representative a chance to express first reactions and general thoughts on the contents of the report.

The exchange quickly became fiery, however, when Maloney attempted to correct MacCallum on the report’s conclusions, claiming that it undoubtedly implicates President Donald Trump in trying to obstruct the investigation.

Maloney then proceeded to imply that MacCallum and other media personalities were refusing to focus on “what actually matters,” by covering the report’s exoneration of figures whose reputations had been marred by the investigation.

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“I think that we should try to remain focused on what actually matters, and it sure as heck isn’t Carter Page,” Maloney said.

“What matters is that the Russians attacked the United States of America. Just hold that thought for a second.” Maloney continued, “What matters is that president of the United States directed the White House counsel to remove the special counsel, and he only didn’t get away with it because Don McGhan said ‘No.'”

Maloney went on, listing more examples of what he suggested to be evidence of Trump’s attempts to obstruct the special counsel’s investigation — speaking for nearly one minute as MacCallum attempted to interject with more information from the report.

“I understand that, but, you know, the other finding is that –” McCallum said, before being cut off.

“No! Excuse me! I have been — I have let you explain yourself — in great detail!” MacCallum continued, despite several more interruptions. “I just want to say one thing, and then I will let you go on! I will let you go on, sir.”

“You are very rude, sir!” MacCallum remarked over Maloney’s continued attempts to explain “the point” to her.

Do you think Rep. Maloney was rude?

Maloney then fell silent, giving the host a moment, in which she apologized for “getting heated” and explained that she had only wanted to make brief reference to facts she felt the representative had glossed over.

Maloney was not finished, however, and after letting MacCallum comment briefly on the subject, he continued. But this time he also took aim at the Fox News host directly.

“Well, you can call your guests as many names as you want,” Maloney laughed, “I guess the point I was trying to make ma’am, is that Carter Page is not the main story here, so I would encourage you to try and stay focused on what matters.”

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The segment came to an end soon after, but the exchange was not let go quickly. In fact, it was reignited when the representative tweeted video from his Fox News appearance shortly thereafter.

“Any doubt about Russia’s attacks on the US have now been erased and dictators like Vladimir Putin need to pay a price for attacking America,” Maloney said.

Maloney’s tweet was not well received, however, with many of the 120-plus responses coming from constituents and viewers decrying his behavior.

One such response came with a quotation from American philosopher Eric Hoffer attached.

“Rudeness is a weak person’s imitation of strength,” the tweet read.

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