Watch: Gov. DeSantis Rips Lib Media for Double Standards After Question on Maskless Super Bowl Fans


Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida called out reporters for their double standards on Thursday when answering questions about maskless football fans during the Super Bowl this past weekend.

The governor himself was among those seen maskless at the big game, enjoying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Asked about being photographed without a mask on, DeSantis was candid on Monday.

“Someone said, ‘hey, you were at the Super Bowl without a mask’ … but how the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on? Come on. I had to watch the Bucs win,” DeSantis said, according to Politico’s Marc Caputo.

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Wednesday, amid reports the Biden administration might slap a domestic travel restriction on his state, the governor shared even more candor with regard to a new variant of the coronavirus which is reportedly very contagious (as if the existing one hasn’t been).

“We have not seen any data or any evidence to suggest that these vaccines are not effective [against that variant],” he said, according to The Hill. “So if we get the seniors vaccinated, we’re going to be good.”

DeSantis stated plainly that Florida would continue to approach the coronavirus pandemic using facts and not faulty models. But prior to getting down to business about matters of actual importance during the interview, the Republican had it out with reporters over their silly questions about masks and professional football.

He rightly pointed out that the establishment media, broadly speaking, suddenly forgets about virus mitigation measures when one of the left’s social justice protests or riots breaks out. It’s really only when normal people like southern football fans or conservatives gather that there is an issue.

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“The media is worried about that, obviously,” he said regarding people in his state enjoying championship football while not wearing masks. “You don’t care as much if it’s a ‘peaceful protest,’ and then it’s fine.”

“You don’t care as much if they’re celebrating a Biden election. You only care about it if it’s people that you don’t like. So, I’m a Bucs fan. I’m damn proud of what they did on Sunday night,” the governor concluded in a mic-dropper of a moment.

The Bucs won 31-9 on Sunday in a game that never felt that close, to end a season that wasn’t supposed to happen, for a team that had a losing record in 2019.

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Fans, including DeSantis, obviously wanted to enjoy the victory untethered by the constraints of the left’s selective mask outrage. They probably weren’t thinking about pandemics or politics by the time quarterback Tom Brady threw his second touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Rather than play the RINO game and virtue-signal to Democrats and reporters, Florida’s GOP governor was at that game — and like so many fans that reporters are feigning outrage about, he was among those to take off the mask.

He didn’t apologize for it. He didn’t seek forgiveness for his state’s residents who basked in the sun of a much-needed win in a year where winning is suddenly hard to come by. He certainly didn’t surrender any moral high ground to the amoral or outright immoral establishment media’s reporters.

As far as public health is concerned, large gatherings are either OK or not OK. The reporters and their Democratic overlords can’t have it both ways.

Calling out some gatherings while praising others isn’t going to fly when these people come up against someone like DeSantis.

The governor is turning into a political rock star before our eyes. It’s getting more difficult to find reasons why DeSantis shouldn’t launch a presidential bid and take on the establishment in politics the way he takes on the feckless reporters. The man brings so many positives to the table.

One of the most endearing things about former President Donald Trump’s term in the White House was that he called out those who cloaked their nasty narrative furthering statements as questions. That’s what those mask questions were about; they were a way for reporters to infer that Florida and its leader are irresponsible.

DeSantis has a propensity toward demanding accountability from a media that is rotten to its core, much like the way Trump did for the last four years. There’s also the fact that the man is an exceptional leader and arguably the country’s best governor at this point.

Should Trump decide against another White House bid, it’s hard to see a scenario where DeSantis wouldn’t gain a ton of traction in a 2024 Republican primary field that is sure to be packed with the establishment GOP’s familiar faces and positions.

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