Watch: 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda Suggests Murdering Republicans - Then She Doubles Down on It


Hollywood actress and far-left activist Jane Fonda suggested Friday on ABC’s “The View” that women who are seeking abortions could simply “murder” Republicans standing in their way.

Fonda, 85, has spent decades trying to rehabilitate her image after she earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” for assisting the North Vietnamese in 1972 during the Vietnam War.

The actress was so opposed to the conflict she allowed the Viet Cong to use her in its violent war against civilians and its propaganda campaign against American troops.

Five decades later, she proved Friday her views are as vile as ever when she complained about laws that restrict abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

“We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our body, of being able to determine when and how many children to have,” Fonda said on “The View.” “We know what that feels like. We know what that’s done for our lives.

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She declared, “We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.”

Co-hosts Sonny Hostin and Joy Behar reacted to the comments by praising the “activist” in her.

But Fonda had a more extreme solution than #Resistance to pro-life laws advanced by Republicans: death.

The actress offered “murder” as a way to deal with people who oppose the ongoing genocide of the unborn.

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Fonda, in response to a question about what women can do to protest restrictions on abortion, uttered, “I’ve thought of murder.”

Asked to repeat her statement by actress Lily Tomlin, as much of it was drowned out by crosstalk, she bluntly stated, “Murder.”

The comments were well-received by most of the liberal panel, who showered Fonda with laughter.

Tomlin, who appeared slightly taken aback by the statement, responded, “Don’t say that.”

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Behar had at least enough sense to know Fonda’s comments had crossed a line. She made an attempt to walk them back for her guest.

“She’s just kidding,” Behar insisted. “You don’t know. They’ll pick up on that and just run with it. She’s just kidding.”

In an apparent attempt to let the audience know she was completely serious about murdering Republicans, Fonda stared intently at Behar for a moment.

Her homicidal slip ironically came seconds after Hostin suggested the actress would someday be the recipient of a Nobel Prize for her “legendary” activism.

The panel continued on in its discussion as if the show’s star guest had not just advocated political violence.

Given Fonda’s complete support for killing the unborn, she should be taken at her word. Someone who so callously favors the unrestricted slaughter of babies surely would have no qualms about seeing adults who disagree with her political opinions massacred.

Fonda’s comments Friday are nothing if not proof she is who she’s always been: a lowbrow entertainer who is first and foremost a radical activist.

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