Watch the Horrifying Moment Suspect Firebombs LAPD Station


In an incident that shows the devastating effects of the Democratic Party’s war on cops, a man has been arrested for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Los Angeles Police Department outpost in a northwest L.A. county.

Video of the firebombing captivated much of social media over the weekend.

A clip obtained and shared by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shows a person walk up to the Topanga Community Police Station — a branch of the Los Angeles Police Department — and throw an object at the station’s doors.

Flames erupted as the person fled the scene.

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“NEW: LAPD’s Topanga Division station was firebombed Sunday morning at about 1am. A source sent me this video, which shows a suspect throwing a Molotov cocktail against the doors. LAPD tells me officers witnessed it and chased the suspect down. Suspect is now in custody,” Melugin shared.

If you’re not familiar with the Los Angeles area, you’re not missing much these days.

But a peculiar piece of information you might not know, but should be aware of, is that this attack on our country’s men and women in blue did not occur in South Central Los Angeles, Long Beach, downtown or other areas historically and culturally associated with crime.

Do you think leftist Democrats are contributing to the rash of nationwide attacks on police officers?

The remote outpost was set ablaze in the Canoga Park neighborhood of the city, which is located in the relatively quiet eastern portion of the San Fernando Valley. Some might even describe Canoga Park as a sleepy suburb. This is a quiet community located just a few miles to the south and west of California State University, Northridge.

It’s tucked west of Interstate 5, north of US-101 and away from commuters, travelers and the hustle and bustle of the county’s millions of residents. Suffice to say, this is an attack which could have occurred in any part of the country.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

The Associated Press reported police have arrested a 24-year-old man named Jonathan Rosin in the attack on cops.

The LAPD said officers saw Rosin light the tip of a bottle and throw it at the front window of the precinct in the sleepy neighborhood, while officers were watching security cameras around the building. Officers chased down the suspect while a police supervisor was able to put out the violent blaze with a fire extinguisher.

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The arresting officers said Rosin “smelled like gasoline” when he was detained. Rosin, who is presumed innocent until proven guilty, is charged with igniting an explosive and also, per police, was already wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for another alleged but unspecified crime. He is being held on a bond of $501,000, and that bond, if indeed Rosin committed the crime, isn’t high enough.

Have you ever seen such a brazen attack on a police station?

Our cops in this country, most of whom are wonderful representatives for law and order and are committed to serving those in the areas in which they live, have been demonized to the point where even those who are patrolling relatively quiet San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles aren’t safe from being firebombed.

Being that Los Angeles is so large, parts of the city and county naturally have their own representatives in Congress. What has the man who represents Canoga Park, Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman, been up to?

He’s been demonizing cops, along with the rest of the leftist radicals in the House Democratic Caucus. Sherman proudly boasts on his official website that he voted to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021.

How does Sherman see that bill? On his website, Sherman called the bill — which, if passed, could potentially charge all cops as racists — a “bold, comprehensive approach to hold police accountable,” and said he thinks it could “change the culture of law enforcement, and foster trust between law enforcement and our communities.”

It sounds as if the issues brewing in the San Fernando Valley start at the top, and they have inevitably worked their way down.

Words very often have consequences, as do votes. The people of the San Fernando Valley again elected a man in November who views police officers as cogs in a systemically racist machine. Over the weekend, someone bombed a police station in his community.

As of Tuesday, Sherman hadn’t yet mentioned a word about that firebombing to the media. He certainly hasn’t taken to his website to condemn the fiery attack on the police officers who keep his community safe.

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