Watch: LaVar Ball's Immediate Reaction to the Lakers Trading Lonzo Was Caught on Video


Just a couple of weeks ago, LaVar Ball was adamant, at least publicly, that the Los Angeles Lakers would not trade his son, guard Lonzo Ball.

So imagine his surprise Saturday when it was announced that Lonzo is being sent packing to New Orleans in a blockbuster trade that will bring Anthony Davis to the Lakers and Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round draft picks to the Pelicans.

You don’t have to imagine it, because some fans caught LaVar Ball’s reaction on video when he heard the news.

Ball was at a Drew League game in Los Angeles watching his youngest son, LaMelo, play when the trade was announced over the loudspeaker, according to USA Today.

A few minutes later, he was on the phone in an animated conversation.

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Fans in the packed gym were quite interested in capturing the Ball family patriarch’s mood post-trade.

Lonzo showed up to watch his brother just an hour or so after the trade was announced.

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LaVar Ball didn’t have much to say about the trade when asked at the game.

But Ball did share his thoughts a little later, predicting LA will regret trading away his son.

Do you think the Lakers got the best of their trade with the Pelicans?

“It will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship. Guarantee it,” Ball said. “I don’t regret. I’m going to have fun with it, because I told you it was crashing down. Now it completely crashed, but at least my son got off the boat before the thing exploded.”

“I don’t care where Lonzo plays,” LaVar Ball added. “Like I said, I just want him to be healthy, and I want him to play. It’s better you can go somewhere and just play and do your thing and be that guy instead of having all those question marks behind you.”

Many believe just the opposite, that this trade will put the Lakers in the running for an NBA title.

LaVar was singing a different tune when he appeared Monday on ESPN’s “First Take,” taking credit for his son’s trade to the Pelicans.

“They let go of the best thing they had going for them. … These suckers,” Ball said. “I’m playing chess. Y’all playing checkers. The best way to get Lonzo out of LA — is I said, ‘You know what? I don’t like New Orleans. I don’t like New Orleans. Lonzo ain’t going nowhere. He’s the best in the world. The LA Lakers ain’t never gonna let him go.’

“First thing they do is exactly what I want them to do: Let him go. Because it’s raggedy over there.”

“It’s exactly what I wanted,” LaVar said.

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