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Watch as Oblivious Cory Booker Tries Joking with Reporter & Falls Flat in Embarrassing Display

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During a four-day RV trip across Iowa — one of the most important states for any presidential hopeful to win — Sen. Cory Booker did his best to score as many political points as possible.

While Booker was speaking to a reporter, the senator tried his best to score a Reagan-like dinger against former Vice President Joe Biden.

The only problem is that it fell flat. Oh, and it was embarrassing to watch.

According to a video posted on Monday by The Hill, a reporter asked Booker if he was worried about Biden. It is a valid question, given that he’s been leading the polls even before he announced his intention to run for the Oval Office.

“I’m not that worried about Joe, I mean, just because people usually poll this far out don’t usually end up winning,” Booker told the reporter.

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“We shouldn’t worry too much about Vice President Biden, I think he’ll be okay… I’m saying this all joking and you’re not even laughing. It’s bad jokes,” Booker said while flashing a humiliation-filled smile.

Not even crickets made a sound after his so-called “joke,” which was difficult to understand anyway.

You’ll get ’em next time, buddy.

Do you think Cory Booker should drop out of the 2020 race?

Booker and other leftist 2020 presidential candidates such as senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are chomping at the heels of poll-dominating Biden. As it stands, Biden sports the best numbers to beat President Donald Trump.

That could change in a flash, especially if a scandal breaks or an up-and-comer such as Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg leverages his momentum and blindsides Biden’s campaign.

At some point, Democratic candidates will turn on one another.

Each 2020 hopeful will carve out his or her base of support and — with more than 20 names in the mix for the Democratic nomination — they’ll undoubtedly have to endure a dose of infighting to survive.

The main candidate they’ll have need to take down, if they want a chance at making waves, is Biden.

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It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to do that — if at all.

As of now, they’re all heavily focused on beating Trump and his roaring economy.

According to The Hill, after Robert Mueller’s stunning news conference Wednesday, Booker joined the ranks of other Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment. The New Jersey senator announced his decision in a tweet, calling on Congress to act “immediately.”

It’s only a matter of time before the Democratic presidential candidates’ feeding frenzy begins — and I can’t wait to watch.

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