Watch: Police Step Onto Court After Flagrant Foul Causes Emotions To Boil Over


Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook don’t like each other, and that was made abundantly clear in Tuesday night’s game between the Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers in Oklahoma City.

Things got so heated between the two on the court that police came on the floor to keep the peace in case things escalated.

The two have a history that certainly played a role in this latest flare up, which occurred when Beverley dove for a loose ball midway through the fourth quarter and took out Westbrook at the knees.

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Beverley raised his hand immediately, acknowledging the foul, but Westbrook was not at all happy. He walked away to his bench, but during the ensuing time out, things got heated between the two.

Westbrook and Beverley were jawing at each other and had to be restrained by their respective teammates.

The rancor between the players no doubt stemmed from the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs, when a collision between Westbrook and Beverley, then of the Houston Rockets, led to Westbrook having a torn meniscus and missing the rest of the playoffs.

Should Beverley have been given a flagrant foul on the play?

During the time out, several police officers made their way onto the floor. No punches were thrown and no fight broke out, but the two were given technical fouls.

After looking at the replay, the officials upped Beverley’s foul to a flagrant foul, which angered Beverley and his coach, Doc Rivers.

“I didn’t think it was a dirty play at all, actually,” Rivers said, according to Yahoo Sports. “He dove and got to the ball first. I don’t know how that was a flagrant. They have bad blood. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they keep it clean.”

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Beverley is known as a tough defender who plays the game hard. He says that’s all he was doing on that play.

“I went for a loose ball … things kind of went haywire from there,” Beverly said. “Two competitors, no one is going to back down, no one did, you see two technicals … continue playing.”

He didn’t think it warranted a flagrant foul.

“I felt like I went for a loose ball,” Beverley said. “The refs looked at it on the tape and thought it was a flagrant and I have to accept that.”

Earlier in the game, Westbrook mocked Beverley after scoring on him. He rocked his arms back and forth like he was cradling a baby.

And Beverley later returned the gesture.

While Beverley took the high road in his post game comments, Westbrook took another jab at Beverley.

When asked what that rocking motion meant, Westbrook said: “Yeah, you got little kids … you’ve got little babies .. you’ve got to put them to sleep … that’s what happens. Little guards … you’ve got to rock ’em.”

Ultimately, Oklahoma City has the last laugh as the Thunder won 128-110. Westbrook led the way with 32 points

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