Watch: Punk with Bat Meets Cool Cop with Snub-Nose Pistol Who Wrecks His Day


In a city like New York, New York, it’s likely the last person a would-be criminal wants to have a run-in with is a current or former member of the New York Police Department. NYPD cops are some of the best in the country, if not the world.

According to the New York Post, a bat-wielding punk decided to get loud and obnoxious on the subway Wednesday with what turned out to be a former NYPD detective — one with 28 years of experience, including the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau.

Brian Baska, a homeless man openly carrying a bat on the G train subway, accused 54-year-old NYPD vet David Morales of bumping into him with his backpack, as if that was a big deal. As the vagrant became loud and threatening with a bat in hand, Morales’ cop instincts took over, The Post reported.

“You’re gonna hit me with a f–king bat?” Morales said to Baska, while holding a snub-nose revolver in his right hand. “Stay where you’re at, stay where you’re at,” Morales told the man.

Baska, who was ostensibly upset about Morales accidentally bumping into his bag but simultaneously aware of Morales’ firearm, screamed back, “Respect my f*****g bag!”

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“I have no idea who you are. I’m defending myself,” he said, apparently after laying eyes on the revolver Morales was pointing toward the floor.

You can watch a portion of the heated encounter below in a video that CBS New York uploaded.

Channeling his law enforcement background, as the back-and-forth between the two grew louder, Morales signaled a subway rider who was nearby to go to the other side of the train, presumably for safety reasons.

Do you think the NYPD veteran did an admirable job?

As Baska’s line of nonsensical threats continued and as the G train appeared to pull in for a stop, Morales kept his eyes on the homeless man while waving people off from entering the side of the train where the confrontation was occurring.

The New York Post reported that when the train arrived at the Clinton-Washington Avenues station, Baska took off, but Morales wasn’t about to let the crazed man — who could’ve hurt others — get away.

He followed the would-be attacker while dialing 911 and guided police to his location.

Lo and behold, Baska was nabbed just over a block away from the train station, thanks to Morales keeping a cool head and using the Second Amendment to ensure he didn’t lose control of what could have been a dangerous situation.

The NYPD agreed that Morales did a fantastic job. Spokesman Phil Walzak said the retired detective was essentially textbook in dealing with the suspect.

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“This retired NYPD member of the service should be commended for his restraint and his tactics in this incident,” Walzak said.

“He can be seen alerting people outside the train car to move away for their safety and directing riders on the subway to move away from the perpetrator. He is constantly checking his surroundings while still focusing on the perpetrator, and keeping his weapon pointed downward,” he added.

Baska was arrested and charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. The Post reported that he had one prior arrest for breaking someone’s car window with a rock.

Just imagine if nobody on that train had a firearm. There’s no telling what the armed individual might have done if someone else triggered him. Thank goodness there was a retired cop on board the train who was carrying.

Anti-gun liberals hate and outright deny the idea that good guys with guns are an ideal equalizer against bad guys with guns or other weapons.

But story after story of Americans who use the Second Amendment to protect their lives and those of others prove it’s necessary and appreciated.

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