Wife Is Dying. Until She Does, Husband Sits by Road w/ Her and Waves at Cars


Paul and Martha were a recognized couple in their community. This recognition wasn’t based on the married couple’s appearance, style, wealth, or grand gestures of romance.

It was based on something much more difficult to find in a relationship. Paul and Martha radiated sacrificial love and commitment.

How did they do this? Paul sat by the road with his wife Martha and waved at cars.

The couple’s history together gives great insight into why the simple act of waving at cars has touched so many people. The first chapter of their story started at church.

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Growing up, they attended the same church. Paul eventually joined the Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

It was at this point the two really began communicating. Their conversations were through written letters.

It was also through the mail that Paul would propose to Martha.

A woman selling engagement rings talked him and a friend into buying rings even though they had no marriage plans yet.

Paul didn’t send the ring right away but kept it for a while. Finally, he decided to send it to Martha in the mail.

She accepted, and they were together for 57 years. Before Martha passed away in March 2017, Paul would sit in front of Van Healthcare Center and wave at cars with her.

Paul’s ability to find something simple yet incredibly uplifting to do with his dying wife is inspiring.

I can only imagine how much comfort his positive presence brought Martha.

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According to the People of East Texas Facebook page, Paul explained, “I wasn’t always the best husband but she has always been the best wife. We’ve had a lot of adventures together and she loved me through it all.”

Kimberli Durham Shane commented on the story and shared that she lived nearby. Paul’s waves always made her smile.

Shane wrote, “When I go days without seeing them I can’t help but wonder if everything is ok, then all of a sudden boom there they are, I say ‘OK EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!'” She wrote this on May 28, 2016.

Martha has since passed. Though the couple won’t be found together waving anymore, their story is one that reminds us of the good in the world, even when it looks like sitting near the road to wave at cars.

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Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College.
Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College. Carolyn's writing has been featured in both online and print media, including Just Between Us magazine. She resides in Phoenix with her husband and children.
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