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Wild Moose Crashes Couple’s Snowy Mountain Wedding


When planning a wedding, curating the guest list is crucial — no one wants a wedding crasher! Nevertheless, one couple was shocked when an uninvited guest showed up, determined to star in their photographs.

An Illinois couple planned to have a private wedding ceremony in Colorado’s scenic Rocky Mountain National Park in front of a beautiful mountainous backdrop.

“We had everything planned out: location, accommodations for their stay in Estes Park and timeline for beautiful spring photos in the mountains,” photographer Sarah Goff told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal.

“Of course, in true Colorado fashion, a storm moved in and dumped snow on us as they shared vows, exchanged rings and had their first kiss,” Goff said.

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It seemed that the newlyweds’ plan for a sunny spring wedding was foiled. However, as the couple was preparing to pose for photographs after the ceremony, they spotted an even more remarkable photo op coming straight for them.

“On the way back around the lake, we noticed a moose on the far shore, walking in the lake toward us,” Goff said.

The moose was undaunted by the wedding crew. She continued walking toward them until she was only about 25 feet away from where they stood. Goff, the couple and the wedding officiator gave the animal space as she continued her trek.

Goff quickly realized that the scene would make for a breathtaking photo.

“I told the couple to embrace in the middle of the trail so I could grab a photo with her in it,” Goff said.

In the photo, the couple is turned to watch the moose cross the path behind them. Falling snow completes the enchanting scene. Although Goff prompted the couple to turn toward the camera, they were far more intrigued with the passing moose.

“I told them to look at each other, but they were so terrified they kept looking at the moose and that’s the shot I got,” Goff told the Daily Camera.

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The moose didn’t even pause to say “congratulations” to the couple. Instead, she kept walking forward, intent on her trek through the snow.

“What is better than a Mama Moose walking by? Sarah’s images are magical,” Jane Bronk Gorman, who officiated the wedding, wrote on Facebook.

“It was a moment none of us will ever forget!” Goff added.

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