What Will the Democrats Do When Their Impeachment Plans Backfire?


If you ever wondered why Donald J. Trump was elected our 45th president, you only needed to watch the testimony last week of William Taylor, George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch.

If you ever wondered what Washington-based bureaucrats do to represent us, you only needed to watch the testimony last week of William Taylor, George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch.

And, if you ever wondered why real Americans refer to Washington as a swamp that needs to be drained, you only needed to watch the testimony last week of William Taylor, George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch.

Taylor, Kent and Yovanovitch aren’t inherently bad people. But they live in their own little worlds where what they think is more important than what the president — whose pleasure they serve at — thinks. And they are an integral part of what former (and the late) President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about on his way out — the military, industrial complex.

They have — and freely admit — zero first-hand experience of the subject matter allegedly being “investigated” by Adam Schiff.

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Now, diplomacy — in context — is a good thing. In theory, that is what keeps mushroom clouds away from Peoria, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Reno, Nevada among other places where you can “smell the Trump support” at the local Walmart Supercenter.

But it is the president and commander in chief who gets to set our foreign policy — not some diplomat at State who serves at the pleasure of the president, any more than an FBI director who also serves at the pleasure of the president. And the real world is not an episode of Madam Secretary or the West Wing.

The truth is that impeachment is purely political.

The House, if it has the votes, can impeach the president because it does not like the cut of his suit.

Ask the dumb Republicans who impeached Bill Clinton in 1998.

How do you impeach a president who has less than two years left in his second term? But Newt Gingrich did it and ended up bringing dishonor on the institution for no good reason. And did I mention that the Senate told him to pound sand? In an almost predictable vote mostly along party lines, the Senate fell way short of the 67 votes necessary to remove him from office.

So, let’s assume that the current sitting House goes ahead with impeachment.

What do you think might happen to these guys — Adam Schiff et al — who have such a flimsy case against Trump in a Republican-controlled Senate?

The Senate vote will be utterly predictable. And that’s assuming the Senate doesn’t dismiss the charges without a trial. (If this is what passes for an impeachment investigation, who’s to say the Senate cannot hold a 20-minute trial to dismiss the charges?)

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The anger from the 63,000,000 voters who elected Trump and told both the media and the Washington establishment, “Enough already!” will be palpable enough to elect him again and take that anger out on the House.

People like Schiff and his little buddy Eric Swalwell may not realize this, but they are doing their best to make the House of Representatives irrelevant to the real Americans outside of the swamp. It would appear that these guys were beat up every day when they were freshmen in college by the seniors and now, they are going to show all of us.

I wasn’t in the room when our Founding Fathers wrote the impeachment clause, but I read a lot and I have serious questions that Adam Schiff’s version — along with Rashida Tliab’s “impeach the motherf—–” were what they had in mind. I’m pretty sure when they wrote the term “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” they weren’t thinking about a president doing his job.

So my question is simple.

What will the left do when what I have predicted actually happens?


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