William Barr Must Be Our Winston Churchill


An argument can be made that decisions made by Winston Churchill helped save Western Civilization.

What about the decisions currently being made by AG William Barr? Are they equally momentous? Let’s examine some history and see.

Unlike the French, Winston Churchill decided to fight the Nazis. He didn’t make a deal. If he had made a deal with the Nazis in the fall of 1940, the U.S. probably would have cut back military aid to Britain substantially, or more likely, we would have stopped it altogether.

And if Churchill made that deal, the German attack on Russia could have developed very differently. The Russians could have repeated their 1917 decision to work out their own deal with Germany, or they could have been defeated outright, especially if the U.S. didn’t provide the supplies that we actually did deliver, in part because helping Russia also helped Britain.

Moreover, if Britain stopped fighting the Nazis, Hitler might not have declared war on the U.S. in December of 1941. We might have stayed out of the European War Theater entirely. Nobody knows. The point is: Churchill’s decision to fight was one reason Western Civilization was saved from the scourge of the Nazis.

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Now let’s look at the situation that Attorney General William Barr faces. He too has to make a decision. Will he fight, and by that I mean really fight the enemies of our political traditions, or will he cut some sort of deal with them?

Barr knows that the Deep State and portions of the political establishment broke many important laws. He knows they attempted a coup against President Trump, and he knows that they trashed some of the most fundamental principles of our democracy.

Up until now, they have largely gotten away with it. None of the major players, such a James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page or Bruce and Nellie Ohr have actually been indicted. Nor have scores of others who worked on the FISA Court applications, destroyed subpoenaed evidence or spied on either candidate or Trump.

So Barr now has to decide if he is really going to fight these people. He can fight them with indictments, convictions and prison time, or he can work out an “arrangement” with these traitors and thereby surrender our most cherished political traditions.

It isn’t an easy decision for someone like Barr to make. Recall that he worked for decades in the very same system these people come from. Indeed, Bruce Ohr is still part of that system. He still works for the Department of “Justice.”

And don’t forget that Christopher Wray is still part of the system too. Incredibly, he still heads the FBI while he simultaneously hides evidence of that agency’s corruption and its participation in the coup attempt.

So what will Barr do? If he goes full bore against this bunch some people will say he became a turncoat. He will have turned against “friends,” or at the very least, friends of friends.

Will he really do it? Will he really go after them? Let’s hope so because if he doesn’t we can kiss our system of government goodbye.

If Barr doesn’t go full steam ahead he will have allowed America to turn into a banana republic. He will have allowed it to become a semi-dictatorship where the political ruling class breaks the law and overrides the will of the people.

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So, Attorney General Barr, the future of the American Political System is in your hands. You can preserve it if you fight, but if you don’t it will be gone.

Please search your soul, commune with the Lord and pray for the strength to fight. Please restore the rule of law and save us from a dictatorship by the political class. Please, with God’s strength, be our Churchill.

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