Witness Sees 3 Dogs Thrown from Moving Vehicle. Then Rescuers See Their Skin & Know


Seeing dogs on the street is heartbreaking. Seeing dogs who are on the street because they have literally been thrown out of a car is tragic.

That was just the beginning of the issues these three puppies faced, though.

A good Samaritan was was out late on a Saturday night when they witnessed the terrible scene take place. They were in Hillsborough County, Florida, near Papaya Dr. and Palm River Road.

A car, that the citizen later described as a yellow Dodge Charger, drove by. And while it was moving, three puppies were hurled from the vehicle.

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Dog Rescue was later contacted about these puppies, and the puppies were taken in. The executive director of the rescue, Heather Downing, said that they were in a terrible state.

“They are in heartbreaking condition as a result of extreme neglect,” said Downing.

It doesn’t take a veterinarian to know that these three little pups are not doing well. The photos clearly show the hairless canines with thickened skin.

But there is more damage lurking than meets the eye. As they were examined, it became clear that they were facing multiple setbacks.

“They all have severe mange and are almost bald,” continued Downing, “have skin infections, are underweight, and one needs surgery on both eyes.”

The mange and skin infections are only exacerbated by the chemical burns visible on their bodies, which Downing said is probably a result of living in dirty quarters and urine-soaked surroundings.

Because this incident occurred so recently, the rescue is looking for any clues that might lead them to the puppies’ former owner. Authorities have been contacted and are aware of the situation.

Anyone with details is being urged to contact Hillsborough County Animal Control at (813) 744-5660.

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Fortunately, the dogs are in caring hands now. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Dog Rescue is known for its holistic approach to dog rescue and rehabilitation.

They say that their mission is to “save dogs from high kill shelter euthanasia lists, dogs in need of medical care & any other avenue where a dog finds them self in need of help.”

According to their Facebook page, they are looking to build a facility to further their efforts. They say one of the best ways to help is to share their posts so that more people are aware of the homeless puppers.

The three puppies have been named Petunia, Tulip, and Daisy, and at least one of them has been cleared for fostering. All the best to these three little gals, and we hope their future is full of the love they were initially deprived of.

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